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Know, idea that you know what do you want to do it, But I want to box I should be so lucky. You know what I mean? But the kinds of things or, you know, stuff that coming out of Florida stuff that's coming out of You know Robert e lead within Afghanistan. You're the one Not yet anyway, I'm telling you too much. I mean, you're using a lot of words. I'll give you that. I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Other than Um do you think Donald Trump sucks? So There is that for you all right, 8889347874. And then there was criticism of Why isn't trump there? I just assumed it was because he wasn't invited. But it was actually twofold. We'll tell you where he was coming up. Since we have now given you the location of all the other living presidents. But first, let's go ahead and get Excuse me. Minus Jimmy Carter. I guess. Let's get Jeff Mar from the weather Channel. How you doing there? Jeff? What's going on today? Hey, how are you today? Uh, you know, it's Monday. You sound extremely excited for a Monday, man. Yeah, well, you know, ghosts or before like, Yeah. No, I did not start off by Monday with one of those, but Yeah. You know, excited about the dry weather or not as excited about the high temperatures. I'll tell you. It's not feeling a whole lot like September as we begin this week. No, you got you got a couple of weeks to clean it up because I got I gotta we're doing a D. C broadcast here. Um, towards the end of the month and Every year. For whatever reason, it just decides it's going to be in the nineties up there, and the C and New York might be two of the most miserable places When it's that.

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