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It to the ground he then allegedly broke two tvs and cause other property damage now i say allegedly because the case is still being adjudicated and as you well know in new york city uh there were there's no such thing as adjudication if you own a lawyer who owns a judge uh you know you can get away with murder in new york trump main brock san francisco forty nine ers in forty nine the miners came and fifty one the are suspected of felony domestic violence and santa clara california officer said female had visible injuries but we can't trust the officer because it was probably a racist officer who saw the visible injuries on the female we'll parks the denver broncos accused of harassment and nonphysical domestic violence girlfriend ethan westbrook's la rams suspected of domestic violence the sacramento after police observe inge reached the mother of his child now we go onto assault by the fabulous players sean smith oakland bray raiders charged with felony assault for incident in pasadena callan july four puzder stomping on head of sister's boyfriend now perhaps that's considered normal behaviour in that family i don't know but in general society stopping on the head of a sister's boyfriend is a cry again that has to be adjudicated again they could state of it's not a crime in their family and he could be relieved of this and found innocent damien wilson dallas cowboys arrested on two counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by frisco police allegedly backed the truck into woman of brandished the firearm and a man but again that's the word of the police and as you know all police a racist when it comes to a certain people so it may be at a weapon may be back the truck and threw a woman may be didn't maybe brandished the firearm it a man maybe he didn't but how can we trust the police don't you see we should trust him first lorenzo mauled in new york jets accused of attacking a man at a nightclub in manhattan april ii michael ohare carolina panthers cited for allegedly pushing a kicking an uber driver april fourteen following a dispute over the fair according to the police report the report states o'hare had been drinking maybe it was a.

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