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Right, folks, we're joined by a huge lightning rod in the game of golf over the last week and really this entire year, but especially the last week we got Tom Kim, it's now Tuesday morning, presidents cup finished up Sunday evening. How are we feeling? How's just kind of your general energy level and vibe right now? That's nice. I'm a little tired. I'm not going to lie. Lying down in bed is going to be the next schedule. So it's kind of nice. So you're in Dallas, are you living in Dallas these days? Tell us what it's been like since the last part of the president's cup. It looked like we saw some pictures of you guys kind of hung out with the American team walk us through the last 36 hours. So yeah, after Sunday, you know, obviously the internationals lost and it was, it would have been better if you won, but we still had a great time. We had a full party with the international team. And the U.S. team kind of joined us as well, but obviously sneak in U.S. team room, talk to the guys, congratulate the guys. They did the same thing, but it was a huge party for the whole team. And we had some fun. So I was out pretty late. It was my first official party. Ever. Ever. I didn't drink. I was hammered on water. Don't worry. Yeah, I would sit up pretty late. You know, cash is a flight and got, you know, came in Dallas. I'm still at an Airbnb, so I still have an officially moved in, but I'm moving in November, but I guess that's one of the problems with being very publicly 20 years old. Is that everyone was talking about how you're 20 all week. So if you were to drink a couple of guys would have been like, eh, this is a little

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