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Generally and i guess coming to the end of the series season are you told me Not tushar awful having a new show on. Hbo our cycles pumped yes. Can we point out that we came across this show because of the ever eternal natasha. Rothwell yes more. please thank you Ooh psyched bombed. And we went into this thinking that all our went into this thinking that you know. I'm gonna love this regardless on the foster episode all's like coal. I think i'm gonna get a who done it for me. he's done. Who's gonna get who's white going to get done. It as episodes when taunted vida for it. My expectations lessened a had qualms. Not as much as katie. now. I think we'll get into some more interesting character. Discussions later on because they have very conflicting thoughts on those while i think at the end of it. I thought you know it wasn't that great over show was all right I'm not really looking forward to season tube. Lego and i guess just speaking generally before we get into specific plotlines as well as characters. The first episode was one of the best pilots. We've seen in a long time. It was exciting. Like you said it was setting itself up to be necessarily Black noi But definitely Mystery of a who done it like we said there is going to be spoilers. Lots of angsty. Katie yelling We did say spoilers in this episode but it initially and i think it might also be in the law but there is a dead body so there is some sort of tragedy right. That happens not steps. But i always love to mention steps when i mentioned tragedy. So that's kind of what we're working towards in the series and i think was pretty cool like i think. The writing was strong enough in the first episode. Even if it didn't have that sort of hook in it Interestingly enough the second episode move quite slowly And i think that also kind of got in the way of any sort of enjoyment because we knew someone was going to die so any sort of character building. I guess that they wanna do character. Learnings kind of got in the way because all of that is to naught if they end up dying anyway Or if they end up being the killer like it's like i guess it's cool because it's only six episodes but the fact that it's still felt like dragged from the second episode where it was kind of like a fila and you can't have fila. You can't have naruto ostrich villa in a six episode season. You know what. I went into this thinking. You know one of the dead body. Nothing is going to be a who done. It always excited. Because who doesn't donuts. And then when i realized very quickly after the second episode that it's not a started worrying. What the fuck do people use this. As a fucking device in storytelling. I need to know that he did not play a part plastic -nificant part in in us enjoying the show at all. Yeah even getting us interested into thinking. Oh is this gonna die it it. The haden's zero zero pie in my mind. Yeah yeah i absolutely agree and family got has a nice episode of and then there were none sorta scenario which sadly beautifully enough seth dedicated to his mother That was a very nice fund episode. I think it's like there was no point to grapple..

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