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Also thanks for calligrapher that was also i understand that trying to figure out anything to talk about this oath with but you are also that guy you're all word for that you know the word i mean dinner with him and trump really is sort of the climax of the book this is what we've all been they both came this is all this is what really realizes like this isn't going to work out this guy's crazy he goes for the rest of meal pausing only now and then to eat he's spoken torrents gushing words about the size of his inauguration crowd how much free media coverage she had been able to generate during the election the viciousness of the campaign he offered his view of the clinton email investigation referring to in three phases each of which in his telling bore my name in komi one he said i saved in komi too i did what i had to do in komi three which is finals letter to congress closing the case for a second time he said i saved hillary again but he totally misplayed that call me call me call me and then he goes there was then there were the baffling unnecessary lies and one point for example the president told me that chief of staff reince priebus didn't know we were meeting which seemed incredible chief staff should know when the president is dining alone with the fbi director then later on in that same dinner trump cash said casually rinsed knows were meeting again i don't think these are lies i think rain fire.

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