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Fast wed breaking news desk for today's morning coal his Michael read. and it seems that we currently don't have that. sorry Michael go ahead he found a Jim bones they still formative treasuries developed the fed cuts rates twenty five basis points last night's the French and Spanish because of their flight and headed supplies today from those two sovereigns Japanese yen giving back some of my strength J. G. B.'s have continued to rally off the DOJ pledge to review its policy I'll take the meeting with closer attention to downside risks European equities have posted small gains of around a quarter of a percent banks and telecoms trade well basic resources and mining stocks underperform the Aussie dollar offer on seven tenths of a percent following that disappointing jobs report a nice otherwise relatively pointing the AG ten FX space Brent and WTI but he signed a seven night we have a a busy session today with the right decisions you from the Swiss Norwegian the central banks is the bank of England and the south African the central bank on the data front U. K. retail sales and the U. S. Philly fed weekly jobless claims and leading index likely in focus speakers include ECB's rancor right and left and Schlage that's it for me to hear like breaking news type SQA on your plate but several soccer thanks Michael great TV me that that's a pretty big business blasting his grandparents with more on what's going on around the world Sandra thank you the Canadian prime minister is at the center of the racism scandal after effective image of him wearing a turban and brown face makeup Justin two days since the story for wearing the outfit to accounting two thousand and one he's also admitted it was races to date launched his reelection campaign last week bush Johnson is to host military leaders on Downing Street later to talk about how to invest in and modernize the armed forces the chief of defense staff Nick content will be there along with the heads of the army Royal Navy and Royal Air Force any this month chancellor sounded chatted announce an extra.

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