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FDIC a retired Saint Louis police officer shot in south city KOMO Xs Brett bloom joins us live from Barnes Jewish hospital. Debbie were outside the promise center here at Barnes where we're about to learn more momentarily as chief John Hayden is expected to come out here. It's been speaking with family of this officer tapped about seven thirty this morning when police called the thirty one hundred block of black mmediately south park arsenal. And at that time it also had been shot. He was pointing your life is in here to Barnes. And the meantime, police broadcasting description, the gunmen incentives other talk colored SUV you also may have been injured in an earlier gun Saif aside. No names are being released an officer shot sporting around seven thirty point during what was believed to be a robbery attempt to us being treated your Barnes. That's where police set up shop. Reporting live Brooklyn, NewsRadio eleven twenty camel, s the alleged Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers is out of the hospital and will appear in court later today who was treated at the hospital for a gunshot wound. He received in a gun battle with Pittsburgh police officers on Saturday at tree of life. Congregation was released from Allegheny General Hospital at nine forty five this morning while in the hospital officials say he continued to hurl antisemitic epithets as he did when he was arrested Bowers is scheduled to be arraigned on eleven counts of murder and other federal hate crime charges before a federal magistrate this afternoon. Those charges make him eligible for the death penalty. They'll Rakoff CBS news, Pittsburgh hours, charged over the weekend with twenty nine federal counts, including hate crimes. Attorney general Jeff Sessions said the charges could lead to the death penalty a high school student shot and critically wounded another student had Butler high school in Matthews North Carolina about twelve miles southeast of Charlotte. It was over a disagreement the suspect arrested quickly studies link tackle football to an increased risk of brain. Injury. Especially for young players a number of schools in leagues have turned to flag football, which is believed to be a safer way to teach the fundamentals of the game CBS's town Hanson spokes to some parents and young players in Wynberg, Pennsylvania. And also tells us about a pro player who supports flag football over tackle football for kids. NFL hall of fame quarterback. Brett farve supports a Bill in Illinois to do away with tackle for young players. Parents. We spoke to say flag football is a great alternative. He's learning the game of football and learning the fundamental skills and being safe at the same time and for the kids of Wynberg. It's still about the love of the game. That's what I've been doing my whole life. I've been playing football, Tom Hansen, CBS news, Winberg, Pennsylvania. The vast majority of young athletes are dropping out of sports by the time. They reach their teens. This week came Alexis Meghan Lynch looks at whether adults are to blame with kids burning out at.

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