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Honey. Roasted peanuts are honey. Roasted cashews smoke dom. And say stand alone. But the fuckin- fiesta. Because they know that can't move that shit on the ground anyone ever go to a vending machine and see fiesta. Mix no you. Don't you see snickers bars. And you see fun jons and you see bugles and you see pringles shit. Humans want to eat and pay for. No one has ever said to another guy. Like oh you're going to the vending machine. Yeah give me some jello time as it up here. Jesus christ ribbon going to log. Hey put it. Put for bud over here. I gotta do a late show. Man gotta save a little gas in the tank. Hey thank you guys for coming out hanging out if you come out too late show. It's it's all going to be not sack and jello talk taif stand up so we don't have to worry about it all right. I wanna thank dawson. I wanna paul brian. I want to thank. But i wanna chris. Max pat until next time to parole pearl sad follow..

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