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Kevin Parker who you probably don't know. Nobody knows him. Now will they do? Now, they're gonna they're gonna know now because he's just a lowly state lawmaker. He's one of those lowly New York. State lawmakers much those guys make. Now. I don't know. I know how much like the the the Alexandro Qazi Cortez people. Yeah. Because they're like, nah, that's like naming so much Bank. Yeah. This is this is just a state probably make do. All right. All right, especially New York. In any case. He is getting a lot of backlash over something that he tweeted to a colleague of a female colleague. There was actually a tweet from Chesney parks that name is not important that person is not necessarily a person of significance that person was very upset because there was a blockage of a bike lane in New York, and they took a picture of the car that was blocking that bike lane and got the license plate. And then a colleague of Senator Kevin Parker's got to the bottom of who had the license plate and lo and behold it belonged to Kevin Parker. So she called him out on the Twitter machine. Yeah. So and not only that but the license plate on that particular car didn't match the car. So he either used it in another car gave it to someone else. This like plate that allowed him to be there. I don't know if it was like, a handicapped, tag, or what in any case, he should not have been using it. And because she called him out in a public way his response on. Twitter was to say kill yourself. Okay. Yeah. You can't do that. Well, I mean, you shouldn't do that. If you're just a regular everyday walking around person people do that all the time on Twitter Twitter is just it's just a cesspool of sock. You know, it is, but this guy, but this guy is a Representative of the people of the people, right know, he's Brooklyn Democratic Party guy. Right. No. He probably should not have said that to one of his house, and he does she a colleague people. He shouldn't have done that. And so he did because it's not like, she said anything nasty. She was just saying listen straight up. This is who it belongs to something. Shady take care of it take care of your business. And you know, some some people suggested even one of our writers chicks on the right dot com. Who wrote about this like if you are mad, you could say delete your count? You could say message me, privately you could say any number of things in response to that. Fear Representative you probably shouldn't even do that. At all. I mean, maybe like we'll handle this. Offline right. Maybe don't say kill yourself how quickly so naturally people went after him and said that he should resign. And so he apologized by saying, I sincerely apologize. I used a poor choice of words got suicide is a very serious thing. And should not be made light of. I mean, how many times have we heard this? I use a very poor choice. Let's. And if the roles if if this is a Republican, do you think that people would be as forgiving again, and people aren't necessarily forgiving him like some people are like it's too late. You don't have the temperament or maturity, and hold office pack, your bags someone else that I think the apology came from a place of self preservation rather than sincerity did. Yeah. I mean, he's apologizing because he he knows he screwed up, of course. But does that. So does that mean all is forgiven or does that mean because people are still calling for him to resign? Not gonna resign. He's gonna resign. No said, I'm sorry. But seriously kill yourself. This is exactly what he's thinking. Exactly. That's exactly right. You guys if you're looking to Donald Trump to stick to his guns about shutting down the government and being proud of it. And owning it in order to get the five billion for the wall. I just don't think you should hold your breath on that. It's not looking good. It's not looking good. And in fact on top of it, not looking good. The US has just pledged ten point six billion dollars in aid for Central America and southern Mexico. So not only are we not getting money from. You know from congress. We're not getting an authorization of funds from congress to build the wall. We're actually saying, hey, here you go countries down there. Here's a pile of money here. This kind of aggravating. You look a little frustrating. I'm frustrated. Well, Trump is tweeting this morning. About this very thing. But let's I guess I can see where we we spend so much money on legal immigration every single year. Right. We spent like one hundred and thirty five billion, then we on the people that we know about every single year so ten point six billion for them to get their act together when it's not really aren't response. No. And that's just because this is this is all about promoting better security conditions and job opportunities there there because they can't get their act again. Right. When is it our responsibility to pay for that country and the people in that country? I if it keeps them from flooding our border, I guess, okay. It's just gonna keep them from doing that. That's the question. Right. Is it? Well, it's supposed to be for economic development. And then on top of that. I guess the long term plan is that that's where the on button is okay. The long term plan is to actually raise a total twenty five billion dollars, which is actually coincidentally enough. The estimated total cost to build the wall along the southern border. I mean, one of the great negotiator. People are mad. I'm very frustrated with this. And then according to this this AP article, there was a line in it that really stuck out to me that said it was unclear if Mexico would give anything in return, and I'm like, yeah. What are we doing this? Why we hired you for for for this? Yeah. So here's what Trump has been tweeting since about thirteen hours. Go all the way up until about forty minutes ago. He's been busy. He said, the Democrats are saying loud and clear that they don't want to build a concrete wall. But we're not building a concrete wall. We're building artistically designed steel slaps. So that you can actually or you can easily see through it. It will be beautiful and at the same time give our country the security that our citizens deserve. It will go fast and save us billions of dollars a month once completed I mean, that's all fine for him to say it, but we actually need to do it. He then said America's the greatest country in the world. And my job is to fight for all citizens, even those who have made mistakes. Congratulations to the Senate on the bipartisan passing of the historic criminal Justice reform Bill which by the way did pass. And that's great. And that's off the top. Yeah. Wonderful. Okay. Let's move on. Okay. So moving onto back to the border staff. He said two hours ago in our country so much money has been poured down the drain for so many years. But when it comes to border security in the military, the Democrats fight to the death. We won on the military, which is being completely rebuilt one way or the other. We will win on the wall. So forty five minutes ago, he then said, Mexico is paying indirectly Florida wall. Yeah. For the wall through the new US MCA the replacement for NAFTA far more money coming to the US because of tremendous dangers at the border, including large-scale criminal and drug inflow. The United states' military will build the wall. No, I yeah. I'm just not. I'm not seeing he's going to he's going to have to explain that. He's got some splitting. I mean, this is just nuts. We'll that's the part where he said it was going to be beautiful and very artistic. It's gonna. He's a workshop. I hear ya sign bell. The thing is as long as as long as people can't jump over it, right? Yeah. Or crawl under it or get around at exactly it just needs to be a wall. I don't care. What it looks like? Yeah. But I don't like seeing these headlines. Where it's you know, the whole it's unclear if Mexico's gonna give anything in return, right? You know, because when people say the word awful were not charitable, we are giving and giving and giving it is not my responsibility to pay for people in Mexico as a tax as an American taxpayer. That's not my responsibility. I did not sign up for that. That's not what my tax dollars should be going towards sorry. Yeah. And everybody should be limited about this, y'all. Stay with us..

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