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Is K o g O k. M y I h d to San Diego. Breaking conditions are miserable. One week after Hurricane Ida. I'm pampas Self Fox news more than 600,000. People are still without power in Louisiana, which means no air conditioning amid stifling heat and humidity In some spots, Food, fuel and water are also in There are still some areas with standing water. Laffit, a small town in a parish in Lafourche Parish, just outside of New Orleans, was completely submerged. And now they've got some water and they're still trying to pick up the pieces there under these conditions of no power and running water. Fox weather is Robert Ray. In New Orleans power there should be mostly restored by midweek. In the Northeast Basements that filled with water are drying out, as residents in New York and New Jersey salvage what they can President Biden will visit both states on Tuesday. Prayers and condolences for hurricane victims from Pope Francis. While delivering his Sunday blessing in ST Peter's Square, the pope said May the Lord give strength to those who were suffering. Civil war is a possibility in Afghanistan following the Taliban stunning takeover chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley spoke to Fox's Jennifer Griffin. The collapse of the Afghan army happened at a much faster rate and very unexpected by pretty much everybody and then with that.

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