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So toward the end of the song she's just like you know I've asked you a hundred times the claim saw I feel like that person and that where was that woman who she was never in right because again racism I'm just GonNa say the movies didn't want Jennifer Lopez they wanted some Latin leading you know what I mean it didn't matter who it was they wanted some Latin lady who wasn't even leading cause you never got brushed now she wanted her to be Italian they wanted to be non quote nondescript unquote but in the videos that self I would have loved to have seen and somebody murdered screenplay for that percents because I think what we want from Jennifer Lopez I think we went from any star is some sign now you have a life but of realness not keeping it real nice but like authenticity and there was nothing authentically Jennifer Lopez about any of like the cell where where's being there I know I know I know you feel well Goth icon film I've seen it recently again and holds up I mean even in a movie like g which is supposed to have blake ruined her career dealers and you've got to bring up Geely because okay so there are like five these people top of their head will say it's the worst movie ever made I haven't seen it but I heard it's pretty bad I see you know Hudson Hawk with Bruce Willis Ichitaro hornby and doesn't often glitter with Mariah Carey glitter with Mariah bad actually none of these movies is that bad hip hopper not that bad stop right there then anyway go on dearly also not that bad but it doesn't matter because it was dead on arrival she and Ben Affleck were in this relationship at the time anyway I would we say Yes to that movie of our Jennifer Lopez to of course but she needed some sort of person to lake come in do a rewrite on her character to me the character have a world to belong but she had been affleck though were high on their own supply because they could not stop doing things together and I think that they were both gassing each other up and like telling each other things that weren't true about the other person yes we should do this movie together Babe yes you should be in my music video for identifying the block which is the most raging thing to me I think they just back up why he does not deserve her he does not deserve to caress her booty I thought back then I still think it today no it's the truth thank you pastor.

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