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It's it's as real as a lightning book from the sky if it causes us to not move forward and you know and so what what penman your other teachers i would say is we need to feel the feeling but drop the narrative because the narrative is what keeps the feeling coming back again and again and again we can experience a feeling in this moment i'm feeling uncertain because i feel like i have a lot to lose please oh i feel a little uncertain but i'm not going to keep reminding myself of the story i'm just going to experience that and do it anyway and we have a chance to do that work we're proud of not just defeated in follow instructions they the is got this gorgeous tiny little book called comfortable with uncertainty which is a hundred eight sayings and it's one hundred eight because one hundred eight happens to be the number of beads on a malla and it's very magical i love to bed magical ism anyway pama has his beautiful teaching in which she advises to sit like a mountain in the midst of a hurricane where all around us the weather is happening all around us the storms and and and what i love about that i mean just as as an image it's a gorgeous image of life advice but but it's also this gorgeous image of how should we be when we're david saying yes i have this idea about chickens and theo pia and the storm is internal it's it's all those counter thoughts say what are you crazy you're not gonna move or external there's a spouse who's terrified or colleagues who say you know what are you thinking of doing what are you up to or just the the collective unconscious expression that says stay behind your gated fence of your community don't go to that f right and a key part of it is the mountain is not allowed to say i can't get wet arose is not permissible i must remain the same out and i was yesterday bounds don't get that privilege now didn't have to say there's a hurricane i'm gonna lose some trees some topsoil is going to go away and i'm going to get really.

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