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Do desma reports at for more than a decade of rapid growth holiday travel from China has fallen the national travel and tourism board, which connect state, if customs fullness, says travel from China to the US fill five point seven percent in two thousand eighteen to two point nine million visitors is the first time since twentieth. Three the number slip from the prior year friction between the US China on trade issues is suddenly, one reason for the slave done all those economic uncertainty in China has traveled at the low end of the market, vacationing closer to home, and those who do shovel Fava a seeking, how to more exotic destinations like Cratia on the poll on Charleston desma. Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley leads today's birthday roundup seen most recently in the nighttime drama, the royals on E is dreading balcony pairs and his fielding angry and abusive texts. For her mother early fifty four comedian Bill Burr is currently starring in the animated series. F is four family on net flicks. I actually decided to a cartoon because you can get away with more. And also, I did like those one camera shoots and those people work like twelve fourteen hour days says hair makeup and wardrobe. It's not quite how it works. He's fifty one and Gina Gershon. Currently plays jug, heads mum on Riverdale after the two characters were reunited aid income to Toledo for the weather. What's going on? Why didn't you cloney tell me you're coming? Last time, I called you told me, I couldn't come well as a different time, she's fifty seven and that's our birthday round up for June tenth. I'm Bob.

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