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Now. Now, we're going to be live at five thirty. So you don't go anywhere. And we'll be on all the way till ten. Thanks for tuning in. You're listening to the best of Todd and dawn on NewsRadio. KLBJ Travis county Commissioner Roger Gerald daughter is with us. How how do we make that transition from tall? Do non told. Real simple. I mean, the Highway Commission decided that they were going to build this road. And they wanted to build a road with Don told capabilities, and that is one of the things that the Highway Commission has really in the last year somewhat change their mind on everything is going to be considered other than a toll road. And I think the two ninety seventy one at Oak Hill is being used as okay, we'll show you that we can do this thing we can do prop one approx seven dollars. You know that we're voter-approved dollars came our way have have helped. But I am delighted that's not a dull wrote. Yeah. Absolutely. Nobody likes that part of this is going to be actually suck. Like they've done on Ben wide, for example. Correct. I mean heading east and westbound onto ninety we'll be sucked through the why there. That's right. Don, Don, I mean to ninety is going to be somewhat recessed. Whereas seventy one will be more of the flyover, right, so. Yeah. Coming coming from out of the William cannon and the two ninety area is for you start seeing it be somewhat lowered and that kept us from having to go. So high. On the flyover part of it. So, but I think I think it's a great design, and I just can't wait for it. And I think that most people can't we've waited long enough. So I'm thrilled. I'm.

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