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Was that too much that then too you know she didn't have to sing to me i just think that she was probably saying wine ottis got personality of somebody that i would want in my video and his professional done when many emmys but he still pretty good now i did wonder who passed that they reach out to me hilafet kostas can doubts yeah yeah it has to be only couldn't get joblock so see we can get the date nieto jim patrick they're used to work at espn bob vardi pencilled in for an adel video later this summer no no no no no bob's doing taylor swift elliot's malia if i have to pick i'm not going with the swifter s the swift he's not donors ethinc too so bob tiago it'll bob kostas is to taylor swift as you are to katy perry something likely have like an sat question something like that you're sort of the katy perry of sportswear as bob is the tea swiss yes yes tutu that's crazy leno view imagine being in that video no what that would do for katy perry of man it'd be a hitch are and that's what i wear i feel bad i'd like to help her out but steadham stuck with you guys in new york next villanova keep it open all right you got figure that out moscow now for wings in new york city and you do a katy perry but none always told old is big we gotta go to new york in all the important people or bossier in town and ongoing okay stead i could be out there two days and l a being treated like a king and a video where in a huge strawberry costume or something yeah i i'll be ah just as a big banana nubby a dolphin or something a role young glitter for an hour that put you on a stage yeah i'll be the dolphin on the left or whatever it was inelegant like david bowie like what does this have to do with pat i don't care like i just like elton john and i 75 as looks at ten patrick she can dress up our she wants to what are all these little dogs doing running around the hell's half i don't care what's his had to do with swish swish.

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