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On pit kim avenue in brooklyn 67 degrees building up to eighty three today mainly clear skies at the moment some bushwick presidents have sued hoping to clean up the environment in their neighborhood lawsuit is against the company that runs the garbage transfers station on porter avenue and bushwick jin chen turnout pay shea is president of the group clean up north brooklyn said they have met face to face with the company and i've had public forums with them to spell out their complaints let she claims the company still refuses to obey the rules and regulations that would keep the site cleaner family demanding better air for themselves and better air for olive asked local resident ssris arias is speaking through an interpreter said he signs health is at risk because besides toxins in the air residents say the site creates does excessive noise vibrations and attracts vermin carol d'auria ten ten wins in bushwick bpb capital the company that runs the scientists had no comment on the situation the us has cleared the first living drug for tough childhood leukemia we hear about this from correspondent john sold as the food and drug administration has approved the first treatment that would genetically engineer patients own blood cells to seek and destroy childhood leukemia the fda's action makes novartis pharmaceuticals car tcell treatment the first type of gene therapy to hit the us market and it's one in a wave of socalled living drugs being developed for blood cancers and maybe other tumors as well the novartis therapies for children and young adults with acute lim for blaskic leukemia despite some serious side effects a key test found a one time infusion put about eighty percent of hard to treat patients into remission johnson dole nece wins news time four fifty one.

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