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Who's the person who not only drafted Mitchell trubisky, but traded up in the draft to go get him? Ryan pace made that happen. Ryan pace as the person to blame. And then I look at this bear's roster. Their team is a mess. Oh my gosh, suddenly, when I stopped drinking the Kool-Aid, I'm like, okay, what's happening here? And I've never seen the matrix, but I know there's a moment in the matrix where just from seeing a hearing. Well, the main character's eye is just open up and they're like, wow, holy world. I had a whole new experience when I realized, oh my gosh, I look at this bear's team. There's problems everywhere, the person who's the problem is the person who built this roster, and that's Ryan pace. And he must be clearly terrible at evaluating talent. The only things he could do is say, hey, clearly, Khalil Mack is really good. And I think you listen to the media. In fact, they drafted Kevin Jenkins who already got hurt out for the year. I'm like, did he see Brett Coleman's video and say I'm drafting that guy? I don't know. I certainly would not trust Ryan pace. I think it's very possible that he's literally listening to the media to figure out who to draft. And it happens more than people realize. This offensive line in Chicago is not good. It is not good. In fact, they have a better chance to win with Justin Fields. I hope they don't put him out there early on. But because Justin Fields can run around and escape pressure, in fact, he might be the better answer at quarterback than Andy Dalton almost immediately because at least he can run around and keep some plays alive where Andy Dalton's going to get sacked. I think over and over and over again and I fear they're not going to barely be able to move the ball. Now the bear is starting right tackle Justin, sorry, Jason Peters. I want to get that right. The bear starting left tackle, Jason Peters, is 39 years old. He's aging. He's not what he needs to be. And in my opinion, the entire bears offensive line needs to be rebuilt. In fact, the only person I would keep his guard at Cody whitehair. Keep him replace all four other guys. Get a whole new offensive line. At corner , the bears are very inexperienced. They have second year starters, Jalen Johnson, and Kindle vendor who Kindle vendor sounds like a fake name. I was like, that's really, that's really his name. I had to share that. I rather like, well, I guess, that's really his name. No offense to him. I just like Kindle vendors, a hard name to say, it's kind of weird. Neither guy, Kindle vendor or jaylen Johnson has an interception and their entire NFL career. And look, there's weakness after weakness after weakness. On the spares roster. And I'm tired of blaming the wrong people. I'm like, okay, what's the real problem here? It's Ryan pace. Now, there is some interesting talent, a broken clock is right twice a day. Receivers Alan Robinson and Darnell Mooney.

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