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I'm Bob Maclay here's our top story search and rescue crews won't give up hope as they look for the last missing child swept away in flood waters near pace said KTA ours Peter say more as live in the new news center and Bob boats drones dogs and boats on the ground hopefully these resources will find six year old willow Rawlings after flood waters submerged her family's truck trying to cross them on Friday Tonto rim search and rescue volunteer merry Goma's robless is counting on better weather today conditions are better than they were on the last couple of days it is warmer the water is subsiding which is good we're able to have more research is is on the ground and in the air and crews found a shoe with a debris pile that may have belonged to the girl that helped get clues from that nine people were writing in the vehicle when the water over took it to adults for children survived two younger children five year old cousins died live in the newscenter Peter say more KTA orders an officer involved shooting early this morning in may said no officers were heard a suspect was taken to hospital it happened near Broadway and Gilbert roads were working to get you more details this is actually the time of year when we do see tornadoes here in Arizona did you get that'll learn on your phone early Friday morning about a tornado warning yes you climatologist Randy serve any tells there is on this morning news three were confirmed on Friday morning airs on average is about three to five tornadoes the year and most of those actually happen in Maricopa county sermones says the sloping valley the Phoenix sits in creates a natural up left in the air in the storms that creates tornadoes okay TA our eyes on the economy even though brick and mortar stores had a six percent drop in traffic compared to last year on Black Friday shopper track reports sales reached seven point four billion dollars nationwide as predicted valley economist Jim round says the sales could indicate good things ahead retailers are previously forecasting that the holiday shopping season was going to grow by around three percent so Black Friday roughly doubled that expectation we'll have to see if that continues the sales data also includes online purchases before cyber Monday which is today now time for a check on traffic here's Danny celebrate my from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center the two oh two red mountain freeway it's still very heavy jammed up westbound from Van Buren on over towards twenty fourth street where you've got an accident the right lane is blocked you also have a delay over on I tend America freeway west found Warner road on over.

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