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And. Djamil herring defeats, Matz, Yuki ITO by unanimous decision. Kasumi Florida is now the new WBO junior lightweight champion herring with fellow boxer jammed trainer for the fight as well. Terrence bud Crawford post fight would ESPN's Christina puncher. Can you put into words failing right now? Don't believe, can't believe it. Can't believe. First of all, I call. Burgess pathway. Today today, when this is beyond all say. Say. Dedicate passed away. In their own service, say. Steph in Brownstown Michigan grow every. Most of the training camp, which Kathy are you, not only for buffer read Omaha BNB boxing? Whereas explain how. Over and over and over time and time, again, not just told him go out there and do what you do. Just enjoy the moment there. And get what he deserved. Miguel. Birch hill is sitting here watched you win this title. He said that he wants the winner. What are your thoughts on jump in right into a unification fight or? Everybody. Yesterday's. He's a he's a real polite gentleman. Nothing respect say it makes as we can do..

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