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Hey bankers this is rudy sars zone. You're listening to cat tails but it also put the spotlight on the image. Didn't and what people look. I can get a the hairstyles and that clothes suddenly sort of flipped to use it just from the sound. Didn't it to the world know You know yes yes you are. But in a way that started with elvis. You know elvis and you know chuck berry going. They're doing the duck walker. Doing all the funny you know while he's playing guitar or little richard with crazy outfits and you know and playing in a certain style and jerry lewis just setting piano and fire and you know so you was always been a bus showboating a half as nathan show now. Yeah exactly exactly. And the what what. Better way to you. Know to showcase your showboating down on a video. That's going to be watched by billions of people. That's true that is thinking of that show then when you've moved from boston to band it's almost like you've been a gun for hire away in some situation often because of his you've been in in some bounds for quite some time but when you actually almost like plunked into a new situation it's like oh my god. How do i adopt to this. Do you change the way that you that you perform that you play and everything to fit without bombed and yeah that's that's an interesting question Of course you know. Bands like quiet. Riot which i was a full member of the it. When you're in a ban ban you're an equal member. Everybody kinda like does they're saying and taking no doubt that's taken for granted and that's the way it's going to be you know. And but when a joint ozzy it was really my first exposure to what my philosophy is now you know. which is. You're you're joining the band. The band is not joining you. That's my philosophy. You know and i have to find the okay. So there's a piece of the puzzle missing got an. I had to like bend myself into that shape. And then become seamless like if my ultimate goal is to be so seemless would that shape ad that it. I project that i've always been there yet. Yeah you don't mean to like oj. Ringo was the original drummer for the beatles was best right. but i don't point. Rengo became seamless with the band. And you can't imagine ringo the beatles with ringo. That's right so that's like my role model because prior to that. There were really no bands. It was elvis chuck berry you know then the band eric amid out of nowhere because it was it was always kind of like Let's say Frankie valli and the four seasons or jerry and face makers he was kind of like even even if there was a band was kind of like one guy and then the band he hit. Oh and but the beatles were the beatles kind of like a lot of the of the of the rock you know using a metaphor as a good one know so So i yeah when. I first joined ozzy again. You can only work from real life references. References things i have experienced so my major reference of being on stage was what became on sunset strip rock because where i used to play with choir which randy rhoads and we don't do the same thing we will get up on stage and try to be noticed you know mainly because we wanted somebody to notice whether it was the girls or whether it was the record companies or more maybe a bigger band and the band that you were. Join them pin. It was kind like it was a bit of showcasing. The band is showcasing yourself. Yeah he goes everybody. Nothing was for sure. It doesn't mean that the band you're playing in today. That was the ban. You're gonna be in next next month. Everybody went bad. As a matter of fact you can do a family tree and negative family tree and i mean negative because let's say zero is the point that the ban get sign right so so the world knows knows that dan right no. That's that's that when you get exposure but if you go in negative numbers and you look at the people that actually play with a ban prior to the ban getting sign like everybody was in everybody else's bam was so that's the roots an actual ruins of that band. You know everybody else that was at at four for better for worse you know And so would. I join ozzy i i just went ahead and say okay what i what i know how to do is be like a sunset strip player sort of kind of i know nothing else. I haven't even been to yet. So what sharon hair vision was first of all and the blizzard vase tour was for the united states because again. I've i've only to the point with ozzy in the us for ozzy establish thread from the black sabbath fans to him becoming a solo artist. So there had to be some commonalities of what british medal was about. Not glam rock which is basically. That's what what the sunset strip was in the seventies. It was very queen and mud. Hoopoe and bowie ish influences. All the bands had that so. That's not that's not black sabbath recycler very quick follow chat with me fact. I wrote all about this in my book. off the rails and she had a chat with as she took me to. The side is like about a couple of weeks or two or three weeks and to me being onto over them and she kind of like later on very simple she a square on on the ground and she said You see the square this where you're going to stand all night you're not gonna go to the other side of the stage. You're not going to put your foot of the drum rice. You're gonna be in front of ozzie. Ozzie boost back. You moved back and you know she laid down some some fundamentals of what atypical.

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