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Mine's not working. And they bring it to him. You know, I mean, yeah, you know, it's funny with stewie because I'm real good friends with Nolan dala, who wrote the book on stewie. And I was very, very close friend with Mike Sexton, who also, you know, had stewie under their wings. And he hear to hear them talk about stewie. It's like they're talking about an entirely different person than the stewie I knew because they're all seeing the good in him. They aren't seeing how just horrible he was at to dealers and to players. Oh, but that reminds me in this, I don't even know who did this, but it's something I actually saw. It's pretty unusual back in the 80s probably was. A guy took a cocaine file and put it on the leather rail, cut it out, snorted it, put it back in his thing and not one person said anything. No one, you know, I mean, it was bizarre. You know, that's pretty cool, I guess. You know, I guess he was the time to throw him out, but yeah. There's been a lot of crazy things over over the years. Yeah, I've heard similar stories about stewie's bad behavior towards dealers and just yeah. And also, you hear the flip side of it too, right? You hear the good of winning three W sos and you know him and Mike Sexton were very good friends and you know, just it's a sad story. Mike always stood up for stewie and you know, that was something that Mike and I just never were going to agree on and I realized that his he was friends with still in. And he was trying to help him. Whereas I was just, you know, a dealer that, you know, interchangeable, but yeah, there's a lot there can be a lot of drugs a lot of alcohol involved, but I don't think that that's as bad as used to be. You know, I think that people are in a healthier place these days. Well, yeah, I think poker has evolved a lot since then..

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