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I don't feel bad for Cody parkey at all still got his made a living fifteen years of profit off of I don't feel bad for X. But somehow, someway, you guys were talking. The break about feeling bad for Nick Sabin, which was amazing to me. Like somehow during the break you guys felt last night. Like he aged in front of your eyes damn near seventy. I believe he is. Yes, there were people who were who were actually during the game. And after the game making fun of Nick Sabin saying this is Nick Saban getting old right in front of our eyes. They felt bad for Nick Sabin. I had that feeling a couple of times. I must admit here's why I didn't have that feeling. I often have that feeling when America's laughing at someone often, but he's been on the right side of the left her for about a decade. Now be on the wrong side of the laughter. Once there were two moments for me. It's Chris Fowler telling you that Clemson is lined up to defend the fake field goal. And Chris Fowler. Saw everyone saw it. The only person who didn't see it was the guy you needed to see it who usually does see it and that was Nick Sabin. And then afterwards. Yeah. The coach of explaining to Nick probably shouldn't have done that. They're right. That was moment. Number one. The other moment was fourteen thirteen minutes extra point. And Nick was applauding on the sideline. Now. He was at. The kicker head off. He did send them home on an airplane. He was applauding and encouraging. And that is not the Nick Sabin that I know he's finished. Okay there. It is twelve hours after saying all the opposite things gots now pivoted. Here's another thing to make you question. Whether and we're reporting this exclusively is Nick Sabin fit to coach in the condition that he's in clearly he's delirious. I don't know if he's taking urban Meyer's medication. But we have not heard this. Thank you as always. I appreciate on. Oh, you all think I don't like the press. But I really do love you for what you do to get a lot of positive, self gratification. A lot of our players by recognizing the things that they do. Well, and we certainly appreciate all the interest. You create for our sport. In college football is a great game. And something that's great for these young people to be able to learn a lot of lessons in life. So we appreciate you so much for that. Thank you. It's over he's gone by. Someone should tell Nick the press is unable to give self-gratification to a player. They have to do that on their own. But this to coaches, you're not allowed to feel sorry for Nick Sabin and Bill Belichick. That's it. You can feel sorry for any other coach in any sport. But not of it. I think you can feel sorry for him. It's been a while. Now, double G, Greg. I'm in a while. It's been a while. So we were laughing about Cody parkey, and my who is the announcer on this. What's his name because this is courtesy of LA mega one. Oh, five point seven FM in Philadelphia, Ricky Ricardo it's actually Ricky Ricardo on Twitter. And I just double check. I thought people were just being racist. No. His his actual name is Ricky Ricardo. It can't be the character from I love Lucy Lewis, a Cuban cliche of deshea nez. Look, chris. I'm not saying that that's the announcer. I'm saying that Ricky Ricardo can't be his real name his real name. And this audio would come courtesy of lumbago one. Oh, five point seven was names. Probably Riccardo Riccardo. If it's Ricky Ricardo, right? What I'm saying is named can't be Riccardo Riccardo. We've got to get to the bottom of this regardless. Here's the call of the the field goal that ended Chicago season. And at the end of it, a mascot bear fellow ver crestfallen and broken but still smiling because look on the faces always Milot, Cody parkey what What? I. Limited..

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