America, President Trump, New York Times discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


All wanna does thumb america deserves an old the truth about congress i 25 told the top of the hour president takes them questions will probably dip in and out of that in a second here so here you have now um the new york times publishing an op ed i believe one nida i want you to just take this in through the prism of how the clintons have been revered for all of these years and i brought some of us up yesterday how they have been defended all of these years you can start you can go back to the national enquirer when jennifer flowers talked about the affair that they had by the way he eventually admitted that all is only one time under oath in the monica lewinsky case but for the for the interim period all those years they they referred to her as a liar that's what they did with jennifer flowers and then of course you have the the case paul jones paul george was paid out a massive some money he lost his law license as a result and he was impeached as a result against all of the democrats at all surrounded the wagons and defended bill clinton on the issue of monica lewinsky okay you could say it was consensual she's that not a position of power she's an intern twenty whatever years old and so is that is that not similar to what we're talking about today in that sense the question of.

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