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The best covers of ever heard so do yourself a favor and go listen to it if this performance doesn't change your mind about jazz yeah then no performance ever will in the opening of this episode i told you about hamid and how the winning of the turner prize bought about a sudden change in her recognition in that same vein i want to now bring you the story of another female artists who also had one event bring an end to the seventy plus years of miniscule recognition and that event was the unveiling of thirty foot tall sculpture of as creepy as this is going to sound a spider louise bourgeois was born in nineteen eleven in paris france her family ran a gallery that specialize in antique tapestries but soon after they moved a short distance outside of the city to begin a business of restoring top stories that were damaged or worn lewis would work for her parents and helping them bring these works of art back to their former glory while the business was doing well and the family appeared on the surface to be quite loving louise's father had a side to him that 'cause everyone serious pain seems that her father well he was a serial philanderer and he did little to hide it while her mother knew of the indiscretions she chose to keep her family together and ignore the acts but louis went internalize her hatred for this cheating and the impacted had on her ever patient and loving mother with her father's ever selfserving rules and the incessant need to describe that her louis found solace in schooling when she studied mathematics at this or bone she stated this i got peace of mind only through the study of rules nobody could change but with the death of her mother in nineteen thirty two lewis decided that she would no longer deny herself the pass she felt was her true course of life and she began studying painting and printmaking immediately as he did most of her life her father disapproved of art and her practicing it undeterred she was able to attend schooling for free when she took up as a student translator for english speaking students who attended the french school and it was here that her artistic direction would have its first course correction upon seeing her paintings the famous french cuba's painter fernando leejay he would state the painting wasn't for her but it was in sculpture that her true talent lay and in the mid nineteen thirties lewis would have another discovery that would eventually come to mark her work indelibly she made a connection to her deep seated pain from her father's infidelity and her mother's ability to remain in everpresent source of maternal love while it was a match that what supplier what decades of originality and consistent production if failed to push her name into the mouths of those who ran galleries with no financial resources to oh from lewis returned to a world that made sense to her.

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