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Hey a quick shadow too. Deep bushnell from soapboxes labs. Many of you know her and she left us a review and apple. Podcast saying quote really. Enjoy listening to these podcasts. With brechin sela. They're engaging energetic well-paced super informative even for people who are already and the voice space. That's what we try to do. So i've always pleased when we get five star reviews for this podcast. And i appreciate it. If you wouldn't mind heading over apple podcasts. Or other podcasts player. Drop us a five star review. We put a lot into this bringing great guests and amazing insight. So the payback. You just give us a review and that's always gratifying for us. I was also really pleased to see thieves comments that this podcast is super informative even for people already at the industry we take great care in selecting our guests and preparing the question so the artists hearing the same things that you already know or maybe here elsewhere. My goal is to go deeper with people have depth and bring that to you often. The results are really provocative and bring out new insights. That i know personally find valuable and i suspect you do as well so enjoy the podcast. Today every week and give us review it only takes a couple benefits and we appreciate it. Okay onto this week's conversation. Shell platts has a really interesting background to learn about that today. At amazon she was on the team. That designed and launched echo. Look we go into detail about where it started what worked and what did not. She doesn't work for totta. At microsoft azure earlier in her career. Show was a game producer. Kryptonite work on ted. Oh titles she was at ea working on the sims she's also a cast..

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