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And there is no question that he is correct easy. And correct. Yes. But the one thing I will then one thing I will say about him is that he wants to win. And I don't think every owner does like he wasn't win desperately. He wants to win desperately. He has he has spent he's spent money foolishly. But at least he spent money like he is. He you know, he has he has he is he's not shy about opening up the checkbook. And so I think the the biggest issue an issue with that. I have about Dan is that I think sometimes he chooses the wrong people around him. I think he's been given bad advice in a lot of areas over the years. And so and so some of that's on him as well. And I think if I think if you were to get an interview with Dan, I think he would say he had made some mistakes. I think there's a lot of things that he would do differently. If given the opportunity to to do that again, look, it's a tough question. And I don't mean to dodge it, and I don't I'm sure it's not the answer you expected alleged Lennie Lennie twisted. But I, but I, but I'm honest, and I will cop to this. Okay. I have I have a good relationship with a number of people in the Redskins organization. It is one of the reasons why I'm very blatant about the fact that I'm a Redskins fan in Aaron on because I don't want. I'm very transparent about that. And I enjoy that relationship, and I have no interest in destroying that relationship. And there's literally nothing for me to gain by saying anything negative about dance night or anything like that. And so I think objective criticism is. Is. Okay. And like I said, I think he would be the first to admit there's things that he wishes he did differently. Well. Doc asked do you have hope forget the Dan Snyder. Yeah. Because we're you're in pretty dire straits right now. And when is this is this ship going to turn around in the neck? It has to have to believe it. I have to believe it does. I am not a I'm not a Bruce island fan. And so I think a change that position is something that would make a lot of sense for the Redskins organization. And so that's that's sort of my hope, but look even with twenty five guys on our last year even with eighteen guys on I are this year. They're seven and seven there still alive for the playoffs prior to prior to. I mean, they were first place in the NFC east before losing their quarterback. I mean what team loses to quarterbacks Meena. I mean, like that's kinda I think that's karma you universe. When she rather finish with an losing. You're stuck on the treadmill of mediocrity. Look, by the way, that's my podcast name. Dougherty. Tune into that the yeah. No. I mean, there's some argument about that. I used to like, hey, I wanna like I wish they just finished six ten. They're not winning the Super Bowl. Josh Johnson like finished six ten and so and they didn't right. And then they go into Jacksonville..

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