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And here comes the king's favorite to win it all. There he is. What a run he had had at this point. He still got hair, at least for a few more months until he gets the Nashville for Judgment Day and edge has something to say about that this coming may. Curt always reminds me of either a Danny Hodge or a Jack Briscoe in as much as the amateur background is amateur training was amazing. And how he adapted from the mat in a wrestling room to this. Yeah, I've never seen anything the closest thing I could say was probably Jack Briscoe. Kurt and Jack Briscoe are a whole hell of a lot of like. And of course Jack Briscoe became a NWA champion and so respected the Briscoe family as they deserve. So now we're back down to where we got four guys. They can pair off, they can work a few spots and all of them are players. Absolutely, you know, for the best that ever did it and this is actually gonna be the final four. These next four guys who are coming in are not gonna be long for this world as we start winding down. When I look back and I think about all of my favorite royal rumbles, I think 97 that you watch for Paul last week's probably my favorite and then probably 92 where flare one and I guess the 30 year anniversary of that was yesterday as people are listening to this, the 19th, but then it's probably this one as my third favorite rumble. Where does this rank for you all time is this top 5 rumble free? I think so. Yeah, I think so. I locked the booking of a pat Patterson on 99% sure laid this out, and this is his creation. So he always had a vision for the.

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