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And at one them like a whole bunch of gains literally on a walk off punt return for a touchdown at one. The game like that was part of his philosophy from day. One some stat from this year about how they were like paying special teams players. More than wide receivers. Yes like guys only special teams like Matthew Slater and I think that's kind of like the evolution of having the stars on there too like literally just trapped and guys who are starters on special teams now but I think that was my point. I feel like you just don't see it you know. They haven't tire personnel changes when the punt return when they know the teams ponting and like I was just reading up on it. It's like Richard Seymour lawyer And I think we're all out on punt return and you know what could have been a major driver behind out. Do you remember when Gronk broke his forearm on a fucking extra point? I was just going to bring you. Do you remember I in garbage time. And he's been. I think he'd probably still wears that. Fucking robot's saying on his arms. He's not even play. I don't want to say that it was the major driver behind it but like I feel like early. Two thousand just a whole different animal. You had your best players out on your punt return on our country. Turn to add to your point. That wasn't a nasty Laura Malloy blocked but then Richard Seymour. Like you mentioned was out there. He blasted the kicker on my best watching six foot. Seven three hundred fifty pound Richard Seymour. It was basically just just walk right into the Punter and the guy just falls over and he's been hit by a truck was away like I didn't do that. He's actually got his hands up as he's doing it and the guys still falls over well perspective that go ahead. No you go ahead Mike. I was just going to say to put into perspective like game wise and correct me if I'm wrong because I slipped up last week. So whatever at this point who is like Ten ten in the second quarter. I think it was like four minutes left. And the Troy Brown punt return touchdown for eighty five yards eight at seventeen ten so it was definitely a turning point in the game for those. That are curious where we're at this point but go on car. No I'll even add on top of that. I think that we got the ball back at happened. We scored right at half. That part return actually turned into a sizable to score. Lead and by sizable to score lead. That makes no fucking sense. Because you're right you're right. We got the ball back at half. I'm pretty sure we scored after four. Half right right sorry. Did they get the ball in that too? So yeah so. After the punt return the browns like drove straight down the field in like three plays and then but then tim couch through pick to Terrell Buckley and then the pats they had the ball in their own like twenty or thirty and with like just over a minute left but they actually drove down the field instead of the commentary. The commentators actually made some comments about how it was a whole different philosophy Kaz patriots in the past would have just taken a handgun. Halftime of the page sexy drove down the field. Madame military field goal with like a couple of seconds left. So now they're up ten points going into into the half up twenty to ten it's actually able to. That's what I was thinking. Is Definitely foreshadowing that greg it's a minute seventeen. They have it on their own. Thirty yell football baby anywhere. And then they got a big task and Troy Brown sets it up and then it's almost like the sleep. Shame interim can I dive into that? Cliche even more. Maybe I carry was the best player on that team. Obviously GonNa fuck and drive down the field no matter how much time is left because he wanna put the ball in your best players. The best player new teams hands. And that's not saying that. That's that's what bill ballot check dude. That's what Bill Belichick was saying. Semen saying admitted. Terry Adam did. It was the best player on that. I swear to God that is a direct and this isn't doing that year. I'm talking about years later. Bill Belichick thinking back to that team. He's said not direct quote. Terry was the best player on that team. So which is interesting because even missed two kicks this game. Yeah I also what is true and and he hadn't been nearly as consistent throughout this season so far as I remember because when you think of Adam Terry of him just never ever missing kicks and always making the big ones but this season especially. I thought he hasn't been who are him to be I? I'm pretty sure from this week's fourteen. I don't know this is not a absolute stat. But it's close from week fourteen on. I don't Know Adam Terry missed the field goal the rest of the year. Might maybe one and this is a million and this is the year that we went on the win. Our First Super Bowl I sorta. Maybe it was not as cool as week fourteen but I sorta he started a week and he didn't miss a field goal the rest of the season and he was the best player on the school connor. I'm interested in your take as we talked about this in a previous episode before. But so you're saying that. He got pretty automatic as the season but obviously was struggling in the early part of the season. Same thing with Tom Brady. He had his bumps and bruises. There are some perfect games and then so far. We've seen some kind of Ducks thrown in In all that and bill's philosophy at that time was right. Those guys right Yet faith in them. I think nowadays. You'd have a little bit of shorter leash for the same scenario with a guesthouse gear like some other guys. So what are your thoughts on his departure philosophy or is it the same philosophy in on this reading. I think you're right in the middle because I don't think it's Harry. I think from I think week fourteen thousand one. Maybe the rest of the rest of his career never had as bad of a stretch as statsky has i. Don't you remember those games? Mike Andy Greg Win. Have you like a kick like a thirty five yard field goal during the era? Where you ever like. Oh my God I'm worried that's missed. Missed those over and over again. He's so like then. It's Harry how to run where you knew no matter what. It was automatic. Forty to forty five guards automatic. He hit most of the fifty plus yards but forty forty five yards. You could just like go. Get SMART Chips and dip like you knew he was hitting it 'cause Southie you're like are we going to lose this game because he can't take a forty yard field goal in a dome like I'm telling police units the what Mike Mike. You're also right though. 'cause I bet. checked philosophy is the exact same but. I don't think he ever got to the point within Terry where he needs to start bringing in these fucking journeymen kickers like you. Do you remember Fucking Bill? Belichick having fifty seven year old more than Anderson in for a tryout because Harry was fucking unreliable. No that's true but yet they haven't had chicken. They haven't had kickers in because Gutowski unreliable because he was hurt. Yeah but how now man was he hurt for three seasons Viteri? Extra point has been added career after week. Fourteen thousand one granted it was from what twenty yards twenty five yards terrible at all. He actually has missed some. Yes during this. Dong during his during his dominant run at the pack. Yes which one one two. He missed three in one. Two three five years connor from from the two yard line the shortcake's guess what he's Ugo percentage wise in two thousand and one being. Greg think asked me what does field goal percentage was two thousand and four. Just answer the question in two thousand one the year. We're talking about two eighty percent car kit eighty percent that year. That's not great year. Give Small Brain Syndrome. You only remember the kiss. That were big. We make how many how many socks Harry thirty attempts thirty field goals. And he made twenty four of them so name a kick ass kicked attempted over forty field goals and has had a better percentage. No I want I terry best year. Not Two thousand one when he had a rocky start to the year. Andy like both brought it up. He went on a run after week. Fourteen.

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