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Angels for nothing red Sox down the Tigers tend to six twenty over the Rangers seven oh four four you'll be the blue jays eight to one the mariners defeat the eighty six three Francisco indoor Omari twice for the Indians living over the red seven to beat the white Sox six three five three stop Dodgers three one Marlins as the Braves five four Meg speed to Philly six five in another two rough outing for Jake area who allowed six runs to cross home plate did it make it out of the fifth from Phil's manager gave Kapler we ought we all have work to do I certainly think Jake as has some work to do as well these it's working scrapped all the time looking for ways to take to get stronger down the stretch and we we don't have we on and that was true the beginning of the season is true now as well the Mets win last night but report from the New York Post says that makes GM Brody bandwagon and threw a chair during a postgame meeting on Friday night with manager making Callaway and his staff the pirate speed up the breweries twelve to to Max years or seven scoreless innings nationals bike awhile six nothing D. back beat the Rockies for two guys down the cardinals eighty four UFC two thirty nine John Jones Amanda Nunez both victorious in their respective matches coming up at eleven AM eastern eight AM Pacific team USA faces the Netherlands in the women's World Cup finals this is just the jackal Hey this is taz of taz Andrews be sure to listen the CBS sports radio at home ask a less took place CBS sports radio John King Katie I appreciate all of the in a civilized manner not the Jack wagon but in a civilized manner can call me out question me on some or make me think about something because you know what I'm no expert I'm a guy who was a.

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