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I welcome to the no spin and news Wednesday July tenth two thousand nineteen take your country back. We have a lot of <hes> new viewers tonight because I opened this. No spin newscast for everybody. Everybody can see it because it's an important news newsday particularly with the American women's soccer team being honored here in New York and I say about it all right so Megan repea- no the captain of the women's Gold Cup World Cup champion champion. She won the gold. Whatever it is most valuable player has turned the entire process into a Megan REPEA- no show all right so the U._S. Women's soccer teams being honored word with a parade but whose everybody talking about not the whole team? They're talking about begging all right because Megan goes on C._N._N.. And I think M._S._N._B._c. last night and smears trump wow now we'll play somebody awhile now could not megan have waited two days to do that. I mean that's her any time. Did she have to do that right on on the eve before the parade when the honor is being given to the whole team think about this should be an occasion honoring the victory of the Women's team for all Americans celebrate everybody including the sixty three million people. People who voted for Donald Trout everybody should be happy but everybody's not happy because Meghan all right so she has almost single handedly destroyed which should have been a very positive time on the U._S._A.. If you looked at the parade entry today they play the Star spangled banner. She didn't have her hand over heart wrestling team that resident team day think there was one guy to the right that didn't didn't but not her no no no no okay now if she doesn't WanNa put her hand on her heart. That's her right gay her right as an American but she's he's being an exhibition EST if she doesn't want to go to the White House she's not going to be invited but if she doesn't want to go that's right Omni problem with that. I don't have any problem with Megan. Repeat knows descent adult shows like America's like trump. That's fine okay but she basically is using this great achievement by the women's soccer team to promote herself. This is narcissism. That's narcissism is ten years ago. This could never happen but now narcissism is celebrated in this country and to say I'm not going to the White House. That's crew. That's just crude and again designed signed to bring attention to herself now. She apologized or something today. I don't know what it was wasn't specified but it was insincere. Megan repeal no wants to be a star just like Alexandria. uh-huh Cossio Cortes now politics and sports and this is what I'm going to ask Bernie over about because he Kevin Sports H._B._O...

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