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Welcome to the lady gay to me say that again. Things are about to change around here. Each week. We catch up with Hollywood's hottest girl posse guilty night. Becca Tobin at Jack Vanik. The lady gang. I am Becca Tobin here with Jack panic and Kelty nine. The how are so good? You can sit back a little bit from your makes perfect. Yeah. That's how I feel like I'm usually closed down. I know. It's really good. Wow. Yeah. Office down dialed it in. Now have such a story for you guys. But it's my bad week. So I'm gonna wait to get into it. All right time for okay, good. We. Yes, it is. We know we wanna chat for you just for match up because we never see each other. Yeah. New. It's been called spending eight hours with you today. Okay. So I'm going to officially break the lady gang roles this week. I'm going to go. I that's not breaking the rules. But the breaking of the rules is that I have a bad week bad week love that it has been so shitty. I feel like we can always break the rules. If it's for a double bad week two. So first bad week is that you know, my Chris night who I love so much who's taking a slight beating on the lady game TV show. I'm sorry. Chris I'm telling secrets and he's like hit we every week. He's hitting the every week. And I I'm so sorry. I love him so much, but he's like what have you? What is he gonna beating on it? Yeah. Now, I'm not repeating it. It's gone now. He's really lanky. Anyway, it's fine everybody. We're not bringing home my God Jack trying to this. But anyway, he he really gets the shit kicked out of them for someone who's so on intended. For someone who is so private private and doesn't want to be in the public eye at all. He's only have I literally you too and have friends. Friends only, Chris he's all my stories. So anyway, he's an avid lady gang podcast listener. And over the past three weeks. He's been like, I don't know. Babe podcast is not sounding great podcast nam something's wrong. I said, Well, Chris that's because we are so busy and we recorded in. Plus, give me a bright. I'm doing the best. I can. And he was like, I don't know babe. I don't know like, you know, and then he was like sweet he was like, you know, I did go to school for like sound engineering. So I'm in the music business job, and I wasn't banned for like fifteen years. So if you needed help with the sound, I could help you, and it was just because we are in the closet like, Omar, Chris. And then I was like I listened to the last podcast. And I was like you, right? The ship. And we were not in the and I was like something's wrong. So Chris, and I came here yesterday, and we spent two hours sitting here with these Mike's in this room trying to figure out the program. He was teaching me and everything. And when we got was was it the levels. No was it the plug in. No. Since I've been helping us record. I've had the Mike's facing the wrong direction. So when I set up the mics for you, put them this. They sound when you do it, and it's super tinny, and it doesn't at all..

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