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On means and restaurants, closing. See, that's. That's why we need Amazon to prove that that's not true, right. And also like. If you this. The other part, if you did raise minimum wage to fifteen dollars for waiters, that doesn't mean a like. A company that does have like waiters who typically make more money than that. It doesn't mean they have to just settle at fifteen. It also doesn't mean I have to tell people they can't tip you, right? So if your clientele is a bunch of rich hobnobbing Asmaa goes and they come in and they like to drop the big bucks and everything. So you can pay your way does more than fifteen and end up ruling is there you can pay this twenty five year, right? You know, the other thing you can do is like we pay fifteen plus you can still too. So a lot of them probably going to do this is bullshit and they and they use the fear of losing neck cash lucrative job, which I understand. I love the cash of being away too. But they use, they use the bullshit of like you're gonna lose this cash, look at their job, and then you go, I go scared now, don't don't treat me like somebody, but you have to work really, really hard for that cash to right. Yeah, they don't talk about a downside of swollen feed and injuries and shit like that. Like is a lot of a lot more to it than meets the eye. And some of those tire about like a lot of times, particularly food service industry baby, won't you to do shit that they ought to pay a third party to do like a deep quote, unquote, deep, clean, sweep, and, and all kinds of bullshit before you get off, why don't you hire somebody? Fucking dude is I pay get paid through. I'm thirty seven hour..

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