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You know, dolphins is a sentence. Is that a good thing? Is that a good thing, Tom? Well, more experience. There's certainly a perfect example of that is we do. We do high school football previews. And it'll be a bad team and they'll be like, whatever team went one in 13 one in ten last year, but they return 90% of their offense. It's like, well, you're 90% of it. So I get it. But and of course people are yelling at the podcast right now. It doesn't matter as long as pensions quarterback. They're not going to do well. And, you know, there's those people out there that, you know, some of that's not good news, but first, you go ahead, go on with your game. Yeah, so, you know, like that running back it's time, you know, it's Tyler bits I'm gonna test NFL owners maybe he'll probably at least explore feedback. I think, you know, Charlie Jones, Tyler shot for, you know, as seniors, but they could potentially come back if they wanted to. But after Kelly Martin, you know, if not, you'll see Gavin or Lesean and leshan Williams probably in the mix. You know, I did talk about Clint bomb. You know, those chance. You know, likely that he's going to go to the NFL. But you never know, you know? You might decide, you know what I want to spend one more year in college. And do that again. Defense, that front 7 probably all back, you know, pretty much, except for. Except for a Vulcan burg who be done, but you can plug Deontay Craig, Ethan in there, Joe Evans, John Wagner. And defensive tackle, look at no Shannon, Logan Lee, Lucas fantas, why a black, you'll get Logan Jones, who's in the two deeps earlier. He's close to being back now, being available. I think the question will be, you know, what does Jack Campbell do at linebacker? Is he or even a Dane belton? I could see a Dane belt and maybe, you know, at least picking up the phone from the NFL. And seeing what you think, what they think, Campbell's the same way they've both got chances and you mentioned Justin Jacobs, but we'll see if any of those guys actually do anything. The biggest change would be in the defensive backfield. Potentially with hankins will be gone for sure. And then you just have to find out what Riley moss and Jack kerner are going to do. Are they going to come back? Because they've got the COVID year if they wanted to, or are they just going to move on? If they, that the cornerback position gets pretty thin for Iowa. And I wonder if they'll look in the portal after this year. Tamari Harris, Terry Roberts, probably your starters, AJ Lawson, Brendan dace Fernandez would be the backups. There's just not a lot of depth. I don't know what the situation is with the Xavier Williams. If he has another year that he could use or not, we've kind of gotten some conflicting info on that. So I don't think anybody's really got any clarity on that. Kevon meriwether would be back as the starting strong safety, Sebastian Castro, Polly complete with quint schulte and Cooper de Jean at free. And that's interesting. Cooper did Jean's name came up a lot this week with our Woods and with Phil Parker being a guy to watch. So, you know, we're very high on Cooper coming into the year. So he's going to be a player to watch. And the Harvard Woods talked a lot about all those linebackers, June, just to Sullivan, Jane harrell, sack tweet, all those guys really doing some good work, scout team stuff. So those some other names to watch. And I mentioned before that put some good things about Joey lei biss at quarterback, just as a guy to watch. Also looking at next year basically if most of these guys come back and I will finish as strong this year. You're looking at probably another top ten, 15 team heading into the season, but schedules going to be a little different, man. Michigan, a trip to Ohio State and a trip to rod kurz, which, you know, Michigan Ohio State will be a lot more challenging. I also trips to Purdue Minnesota, Illinois, but you get to host Iowa state Wisconsin, Nebraska, northwestern, Nevada comes in as a non ton game and also South Dakota state. So I got to rewind you real fast because you mentioned it, but you did it quickly. And I think out of everything you just said, the most interesting thing is still the joy labors at quarterback as we've heard good things. Because I think coming into the season, obviously PD is the backup, but do Hogan was that guy that was the recruit that everyone excited and was thought of maybe just to be the next guy. My message boards this week on the free football, I think was on a big football board is basically should do so can be starting. Here's the third string quarterback right now, folks. Yeah. Yeah, and there's a reason for that too. Probably. It doesn't assume. He said he's more mobile. That was the thought process. He's more mobile. Thank you. But I mean, I guess and I don't want to pin you down or anything, but the air parent two Spencer petras is blank or if Spencer Peter does not continue to pan out the next quarterback. Hey, I'm with this. Next quarterback to start a game that Spencer petris is blank. Good question. Yeah, that's what I do. I get paid a lot of money to be a great journalist going. I don't know. We could get hurt.

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