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The nonpartisan facts real stories that you say that stock or Tomorrow During the first presidential debate, the group will be airing it's changed the story campaign that compares today stats to those from the past. For instance, they will look at the median household income today and 1967. Voting right during presidential elections or the number of covert deaths from early spring toe late summer. The $10 Million campaign tries to inject data into our partisan politics so voters can make informed decisions this fall. Kelly Blier Comeau. New symptoms of the new Corona virus could last for months after a person recovers, according to U W medicine, Dr Jennifer Rose says after combing through what Little Cove it data there is They found that former patients who had been hospitalized still suffered from fatigue, shortness of breath and memory problem, and even some patients who don't require hospitalization for covert 19 are still having Cough on DH fatigue several weeks after their illness, she says people who have symptoms should continue to get treatment. Rosa's UW now publishes the covert 19 literature Situation report every weekday identifying medical articles to inform policymakers. About the new Corona virus. Coma news time 9 10 and from the coma Sports desk new champions of the Stanley Cup. Tampa Bay Lightning, They beat the Dallas Stars to do nothing tonight. Monday night Football. Kansas City Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens 34 to 20 and comas, Bill Schwartz says the Seahawks Ah, hopping mad about a dirty tackling the victory over Dallas? Yep, it was another nail biter. The Seahawks beat the Dallas Cowboys 38 31 there, three and oh this season, but the victory tempered with a rash of injuries. Safety Jamal Adam's tweaked his groin rookies Jordan Brooks and Damian Lewis left with ankle issues and running back Chris Carson has a sprained knee. Caused when Dallas defensive lineman Tristan Hill tackled him and continued to roll and grab Carson's leg. The Seahawks at Miami Sunday coach Pete Carroll reminding his team to keep Koven 19 mindset in the state of Florida, which has opened up bars and restaurants. We can't let You know the environment make us vulnerable. We can't let that happen. So, um, we'll do everything we can every precaution possible. We really have figured it out so far. Former C hot safety year old Thomas cut by the Baltimore Ravens after he punched a teammate during practice. Thomas expected now to join the Houston Texans. Popular Central defender, Roman tourists has come back to the Seattle Sounders. Who gave up next year's first round draft choice to get him from Inter Miami and the Seattle storm wait for the winner of the Las Vegas, Connecticut. Siri's for the W N B A Finals Sports UPDATES at 10 40 after the hour Bill Swartz Comeau News Attention SS I and other federal benefit recipients. If you did not file a tax return last year and have Children under 17, you.

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