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With Richard Brooks kept up the twenty nineteen U. S. open champion I talked about the the leader right now Shane Lowry says last time she had to leave the loss in bad weather I mean last time generally at Oakmont miss all that you know that first page you can go very quickly if you thought rather have an about face I guess maybe the last what fifteen holes was was very very windy and specially the back nine and only solves all the sun couple about bounces and you never know generally that's the date of my trip right there that each other on a plate he's trying to play in the head of a guy was never won a major a guy who has not won a tournament since two thousand and fifteen you know basically for years if you want to last term Brooks you he's playing them that they get our minds of Tennessee because the weather is supposed to be a little sketchy tomorrow but an island thank you very much for the weather report Sir and so here's what I'll there's a look I yeah will Brooks kept go right there there's a guy there that is pretty much spilling the tea on the leader here in the chain Larson case you didn't know let me just tell you it was bad weather never as I saw earlier at the time of the coverage has been moved up an hour because I think they look at it for ink or because of inclement weather I believe but it's moved up for an hour so that if that's what you want I mean there which was the truth right SO kept his giving you the truth he's telling you like Hey you know what's a loss last time there's bad weather could happen again find out next year SO for utility would you if you were in his position would you rather be saying Lowry or would you rather be Tom Fleetwood all I mean I'd rather be Tommy Fleetwood.

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