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And so they, instead of Maddie having a lot of rhinestones and glitter and neons and things like that, it's more monochrome, but it's still big. So they made this they took a sheet of paper with her face on it like a face map. And they created like four different styles of winged liner, and every day when she would go in, she would just point to which one she wanted for her look. And they said, she took the longest and the makeup chair. I asked about Zendaya, obvi. And I was like, what is Zendaya doing? And they're like, for this season, she's not doing much makeup. Yeah. But they said that call back to Mac is Zendaya suggested Mac face and body for her. So if you're wondering like that really natural skin look, that's what Zendaya is wearing. They also use shante future skin and face atelier to get this no makeup makeup look. And it really is it really had to be no makeup makeup because Sam Levinson, the director inside the trailer, he had printed out these signs that said, no foundation, your skin will look great. Trust me, Sam. Yeah. Like he was adamant that he didn't want people to look like they were made up, especially since they were being captured on film. And that also influenced Donnie told us on the podcast that they do not use powder and that's still true. No powder whatsoever, still using nano blur from indeed labs to kind of like take away shine. But really I think the most intricate and interesting beauty looks, maybe the nails, they had a bunch of press on nails, and did you watch the first episode yet? Not yet. Remember, I'd like to take a second to oh yeah, yeah. Just kidding. Okay. No, no, I'm so excited. I'm like, and I want to watch it just because of obviously Donny and the makeup looks. But yes, tell me more about the nails. Well, the nails there is a very specific scene with Sydney Sweeney. Where you will see those press on nails and they are there's rhinestones on the nails. There's some like 70s designs that she created. She was on set like doing last looks putting nails on the cast. So I think the nails will be really big feature this season and also a lot of lower lash looks. Johnny said, there's a lot of twiggy inspiration, so you'll see that either through like designs or through like shimmer hunter who plays Jules has her inner corner wing instead of outer corner wing. And then cat will have more, I think of the visually bold looks like the first episode is set on New Year's Eve. And she has like a color blocked eye of yellow and green. So there's just so much. There's so much and there's actually we're doing multiple stories for allure..

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