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W w today, President Trump says the US was just minutes away from striking Iran when he called off the attack late last night. CBS news next. Meantime, Michigan Senator, Gary Peters. Weighing in on the issue. We'll have his comments at an early morning gas leak in Howell props evacuations. Good evening. I'm Greg Bowman for WWE J, NewsRadio nine fifty still to come this half hour update of your money with some lower numbers at the close. We'll get the latest from the Bloomberg business report. Sports at six forty five. Big wind today by Michigan over Texas Tech, the wolverines moving onto the college World Series now to the national championship. Seventy eight degrees, six thirty one. Let's go to CBS CBS news update. What did you about Iran? President Trump says he cancelled plan military retaliation after a US drone was shot down after he was told one hundred fifty people could die in the attack national security. Correspondent David Martin tells us what? Other actions, the US could take the repercussions don't have to be military. If there is a way to enact even tougher sanctions to more diplomatically, isolate Iran, those count as repercussions to CBS's, Margaret, Brennan says, there does not seem to be a master plan and seen as a lack of strategy to be quite Frank. That's what you hear from even America's closest allies and some of our adversaries, which is basically tactical moves decisions being made in the moment. But not part of a broader strategy Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has just said.

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