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No antioxidant and antiinflammatory defence systems and that's where it's at it's not about just taking a bunch of pills that do the work for you it's about building up your internal might oh conned real defence systems to be bigger and stronger and more robust produce more energy and live longer that's perfect and i usually ask at the end like what advice would you give to kind of pull everything together i know you have a whole system on this and we're gonna links that in the show notes at wellness moment dad fm and but i like to always end with something really practical side love to hear like what advice you would give to someone who maybe de struggle from these symptoms and thought that they had adrenal fatigue and now understands this in a different way what would you give them a starting points so the way my system is built the energy blueprint is built is i take people through six very systematic steps and this has been refined over you know working with over three thousand people with chronic fatigue and the way i take it through the six steps ri first we address circadian rhythm and sleep build a really really powerful set of circadian rhythm and sleep habit to to build up that foundation because that's where cellular regeneration is really going to happen while you're sleeping the next one is all about nutrition to support might akon drill health the next one is all about light therapies and there's a whole bunch of benefits of different kinds of light that's really important and then we get into healing the gut and then detoxifying and boosting liver function getting the toxins out of the cells and then we get into the neuroscience around decreasing stress and anxiety and then we get into layering were meese us into your life to build up your mind kandari a bigger and stronger so that's basically the the six steps six very systematic progressive steps that i take people through two to overcome fatigue and get their energy back i love it and for anyone.

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