Chris, Senate, Rudy Giuliani discussed on Abe Lincoln's Top Hat


Wow all right let's go to brooklyn chris is on the phone chris thanks so much for calling in man what do you want to say about all this regarding let's let's just focus on route giuliani think this is helping trump dea think that this was what donald trump sent him out to do or is this just really mucking it up for the guy to remember the big lebowski of course love the big lebowski i want me you know painting real lawyer out there i'm sorry rudy has ever since rudi stop being mayor of america he's basically been a lobbyist right i mean his his his his legal work is the reason why he did not become attorney general or secretary of state or get any cabinet position in the in the in the trump administration's will i think he could have become attorney general you could have had that position had he wanted evidently he turned that one down now even with the rubber stamp there's too many things in i'm not going to go into details about what giuliani partners was doing for the last ten years but they've had some rather dirty dealing with other countries and iran sanctions come to mind is one of the things would have come up as a block even with a rubber stamp majority in the senate i don't think rudi was going to fly right through there you know for many reasons but i think you're missing appoint here bed it's just like this was supposed to be the dream team you know i'm bringing on rudy giuliani me my man i got named though i know but i didn't really give that any credence whatsoever i mean i think ron kuby probably would have been better.

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