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That's going to change. And it's not gonna change this bullshit. Like you. We have to show our children what it is to be a man, we have to show them that nasty Lindsay isn't just thing on her freaking chest acting like we have every fucking the answer. We gotta shown shit is real we have emotions that the masculine and feminine is inside of each of us. And so for me with social media for me with what I do is is somebody who's using it. I'm very engaged with what my kids participate in what they see. And I feel like the more. I'm around my kids. I don't need to check their cell phones because I'm with them so much right? And and you know, you know, what they're doing. And you know, where they are. And that's something that's very very very important to me as a father, you know, in this day and age with technology with social media. I think it's a beautiful thing, man. Yeah. Well, said and part of what you said they're showing is exactly what I was alluding to about the portrayal of Dan's. We're still kind of being viewed like that old school Ralph kramden character who just brings home the bacon. He can't figure out how to change diapers or anything and. That's not who we are as fathers, you know. But we're not babysitters. We're fathers is kinda how I like the freemen on the show here. But let me ask you about discipline because as the CEO of his successful company. I know that requires a ton of discipline of and how are you when it comes to disciplining your children? I'm old school, man. I I know it sounds funny. In fact, cutting funny story a little a little bit ago. I was in the store in my little guy was he was almost ten years old. He was he was just being a little shit. Right. I mean, my kids are little system like everybody else. They they're not perfect. Just because the dad is is there like some radically different kidding. You know, I reached overnight and I grabbed him by the ear, and I like pulled him in and we got no snows. And I'm like, listen, we had this little chair. And there was this. This this lady was standing there the game the dirtiest look, you know. And and and and to me, it's just boggles my mind, how far we've gone to this idea that children should just be able to like run. I mean there there are responsibility. Right. You hear these little CD's little kids throwing temper tantrums at the store so for me. It's like look, man. Like there's a time for discipline. There's a time for love and make no mistake like kids need discipline. They need to know what it's like to feel pain. They need to know what it's like. To feel happiness. They need to know what it's like to win. They need to know what it's like to get their ass kicked on the football field, and we create this you Ford situation where they're never disciplined. They don't know the difference right wrong. They don't know the difference of winning losing. They don't know ever seen pain. And pleasure. They're gonna grow up. I mean, they're going to be fucked completely fucking their life down the road. I mean, they have no ability to to solve problems and one of the things that I'm very very very passionate about is is allowing my children, but helping them find independence and that solving problems. Like when my kids come up to me and the dad's so and so said this or so and so said that my my my little response every single time to them is solve the problem. And I don't get involved in that stuff. I don't get involved in the spa in the fights in the business. I'm like solve the problem..

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