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Randy moss, Brian Dawkins, Brian Urlacher, Jerry Kramer Bobby Beth. Third and Robert Brazil gave speeches and canton Ohio to celebrate their inductions into the pro football hall of fame, the eighth member of the class of two thousand eighteen wide receiver. Terrell Owens may be bold unprecedented and frankly, weird move to hold his own private induction ceremony at all mater, the university of Tennessee, Chattanooga. Why did he do that? Let us allow te'o to explain men of you may be wondering why we're we're here instead of canton. There's been a lot of speculation and false reports as to why I chose not to be there. I would like to set the record straight. It's not because how many times it took me to be voted into the hall is about the mere fact that the sports writers are not in alignment with the mission and core values. The hall of fame. I mean, I think we can all agree that sports writers sock. I think that it's a the animal. It's a bold move to be so mad about sports writers. Even after they let you in the hall of fame, you need to engineer your entire ceremony around the fact that you don't like sports writers Vinson. I wonder what you thought of the Torello ends hall of fame speech and spectacle. I loved it and so I, but I am kind of conflicted because I do, you know, especially in our like sort of larger context dump dumping on the media in speeches as sort of like triggering form for me. But in this case, I just do think that Tara loans has always always always gotten a bad rap because of when you think, especially when we what we just talked about with everyone Meyer. When you think about the qualities that are often sort of swept under the rug in football or. Explained away as signs of healthy aggression in football guys, who talk about the talking sentences that you can barely understand and sort of paper over the kind of awful things that are attached to them that celebrated. And on the other hand, we have a guy like Teo who is so human. There's not. There's not a person who I wanna talk to more than te'o. He speaks his mind. He airs his frustrations. He refers to himself as being built like a Greek God. He is. He's amazing. Okay. And he has a, there's a dignity to him that any am by the way he's never been arrested for anything. He's never no one's ever said that he's hit a woman. Nobody's ever said that he's, you know, been in trouble in a way that would have hurt another person. He just. He just isn't the sort of military model of the kind of guy who would fall under the influence of urban Meyer, for example, and sort of follow a guy like that off a cliff. He sooner dance in the middle of the field, and piss a guy like that off. So I think the, I think the strongest argument against te'o that you can make stipulating everything that you just said, the strongest argument you can make that he's an asshole, and that he's an ego maniac. He made. He may always made everything about him and that his teams didn't like him and that he was bad in the locker room. And so so let's say, all that is true, but it's like, okay, like who is that? Is that that bigger deal? Exactly. He's in first of all. We like I missed that kind of now in football where everything is about the quarterback, I missed the sort of asshole wide receiver. First of all, like there, there is a place for a guy like that and also like who cares that has nothing to do with his eligiblity for of the hall of fame,.

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