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Neko great follow up for him for his title last weekend. Category straight set wins over food. Which janacek sinner kicks off his campaign and again everything i said about her. Cats applies for center straight. Set win over almost for no less casper rude. He played checkers hoeger unfortunately or he play chess. Whichever ones the more advanced. I think chances the more advanced so rude was playing chess. Hogan rooney was playing six. Two six one win for route. Who i'm sure he was like. I lost alcatraz. I am not losing to another one of these youngsters. A good bounceback for him. He's someone again e circle absolutely To have a big clay court season in terms of the rest of your winners. They were all three-set results. You had senator caruso three-set win over wildcard lucas catharina. Jeremy sharded seven five in the third over. Sasha boob lick. Dan evidence v clay court win of his career at the atp level. He knocks off the deuce six to third. You also had a win for bassil. v lee. Excuse me for craine of it's love over basler's feeley who retires in that second set and then waxy popper and who big serve big forehand. Do you think that's a guy who's going to have success on hardcourts former junior french open champions just keep an eye on the qualifier seven six in the third victory over pablo and har to advance to the round of thirty two. Those warrior tuesday matches in terms of what we have on store on wednesday. Your top seeds inaction across the board novak djokovic begins his campaign in the highlight match of the day taking on yanic sinner. Could i do ten minutes on this match. I could probably do fifteen to see. How do you know djokovic. Hasn't played tennis since the australian open and he's taken on the guy in jahic sinner who there's no patience for yanic center. He takes it to you from ball one of the match in joke. Which is a guy who likes to play with his food joke which is a guy who will break and go up to love and then go down for two in the first set and then come back and take it six four will if he messes around with senator centers. Not gonna leave the door open for him and you know joke which is a little bit older than he used to be well his movement still be as pristine as it can be on the clay. Obviously he scrapped in clawed his way to the french open final last year. But you know. Senators got the weapons to put jovovich on his back foot and first clay court match. It's tough ask for novak djokovic against an informed bionic center still this is you know this is the sort of match novak djokovic gets up for so i'm expecting a high quality of tennis expecting djokovic to win but i also think that match goes three sets so give me the over in that one but give me jovovich to advance..

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