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Could hear the scattered boos in the stands the PA announcer telling fans they're all safe the Oklahoma department of health tweeting after that that the fans who did attend the game are not at risk for corona virus because the virus is spread spread through respiratory droplets and only individuals in close contact would be at risk Rudy Gobert are not in the building so health officials saying fans are safe the players though weren't so sure as we heard shortly after that game was postponed ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski Rudy go bear has tested positive for the corona virus that was learned in Oklahoma City prior to that game between the jazz and the thunder right now the thunder and jazz on foldable quarantine in that arena and the NBA has made the decision may have just announced that they are suspending play finishing after tonight's the electrolytes games finish but starting tomorrow NBA players suspended and then the league is going to use that hiatus to decide their next steps how they'll go forward but this is the last night of NBA games for the foreseeable future and with that many eyes were popping across the country because from there we had dominoes falling at all there were six games on the NBA's schedule the jazz and thunder don't play four games were in action and there was a late game between the pelicans and the kings.

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