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A thank you gift and join our contest win. To go to Austin, Texas, Austin city limits music festival. Absolutely. I guess you got a problem. You want to talk about on the four zero five north and we do right now. Yeah. Southbound four zero five around Nord off it looks like a multi vehicle collision one of the vehicles is on its on its roof. It's overturned several vehicles facing the wrong way. And the freeway is completely shut down. So you might wanna try an alternative route perhaps sepulveda's or Woodley or it? Sounds good coming up on all things considered by some estimates. Eighty percent of women in Texas prisons are mothers. And that worries lawmakers in Texas you're going to hear why it's five twenty. From NPR news. This is all things considered. I'm ari. Shapiro chang. The Boeing company always relied on its lucrative commercial airplane market. That's the bulk of its business, but the cash reserves allow the company to bid aggressively for Pentagon contracts now is NPR's. Tom Bowman reports the troubles with Boeing seven thirty-seven. Max jets could spill over into its defense business. Boeing has recently tacked up some big wins on defense programs. It will build the new two seat. Jet trainer for the air force. Also a helicopter and that new navy refueling drone another Boeing project all told billions and billions of dollars in sales. Yeah. Over the past couple of years they've had an amazing score victories. That's Richard an analyst at -til group an aerospace and defense consulting company. It was subsidized by the commercial side of the company, particularly the seven thirty seven because a lucrative commercial side accounts for about two-thirds of its business says Lauren Thompson, he's an analyst with electric. Institute a think tank that gets funding from defense contractors, the cash flow is so strong on the commercial side. It makes it easier for the defense part of the company to bid aggressively for opportunities meaning that cash flow allows a company to undercut its competitors. In win the contracts for things like that jet trainer helicopter refueling drone. Thompson says Boeing has long had a pretty solid plan owing strategy for the last twenty years is to have one foot firmly planted in the commercial world and the other in the defense business allowing the company to be nimble what that means is at any given time they are often transferring money back and forth between the two sides of the company in order to bid competitively for opportunities. No, the commercial side of Boeing has taken a big hit with the grounding of the seven thirty seven max after two deadly crashes and in Indonesia, the company says it will fix any problems to the seven thirty seven max. But I believe he of the teal group says that may. Not enough the technical fix to the max is not an issue at all getting rid leaders on board. Both at home and abroad is more challenging but that can be done. It's quite likely that the biggest showers they faces restoring confidence in the general public and without that public faith. In more buyers, the longtime Boeing strategy could suffer again, Lauren Thompson, the entire foundation of Boeing business strategy at the present time is predicated on the assumption that commercial demand for its jetliners will remain strong. If the seven thirty seven it's most popular aircraft is impaired. Well, then obviously that real pulse across the entire strategy. In terms of what the company has that? Could mean says Thompson that Boeing will be less aggressive in its bids, and maybe phase more competition from its main rival in projects that include wing's Lockheed as well as other smaller companies still some it'll is like Todd Harrison of the. Center for strategic and international studies. Don't the Senate thirty seven max troubles will have any impact on Boeing in its defense business at an Email to NPR Harrison says besides the new aircraft Boeing will build there's something else. The air force just awarded Boeing a ten year contract worth nearly six billion dollars to upgrade the Casey Forty-six refueling tanker that's not all in recent weeks. The Pentagon edited more fifteen and F eighteen warplanes to the budget both built by Boeing Tom Bowman NPR news, Washington. The number of women in prisons and jails around the country has ballooned over the decades. It grew more than seven hundred percent from nineteen eighty to two thousand sixteen. Many of these women are mothers from Fort Worth K E R as Christopher Connelly reports on how Texas State lawmakers are rethinking motherhood and prison for the eight and a half years. She spent in prison Kristen Kerr looked forward to one thing every month. A visit from her daughter Chloe every visit I rely on grove. You can be you can tell. In the like one visit. She couldn't read visit. She Gary missions reading Soames me. So that was fishy. For me to Kristen was convicted for aggravated robbery in twenty eleven as the getaway driver. She says she wasn't making good choices back. Then Kristen missed out on a lot of her daughter's life. She says they talk on the phone and send letters and visit. But you can't really do the nurturing part of parenting from prison khloe was well taken care of by her grandmother. But Kristen says you never stop worrying about your kid. There were some tough times for Chloe to add it to feel knowing that I wouldn't come home for awhile. Numerals your, mama. Come for why I had to feel as I used to see the kids day moms. And. Just think about it. There are more than one hundred thousand women in state and federal prisons, the number of incarcerated women doubles when you count local jails to exactly how many of them are mothers, isn't well tracked. But in Texas, a recent survey showed that more than eighty percent of women in state prison. Our moms like Kristen that's prompted lawmakers here and in other states to consider bills that would promote probation or other community based sentences over jail or prison time to avoid breaking up families. Michelle Dietsch studies prison issues at the university of Texas. Austin many of the women once they're arrested are scrambling to find someone to take care of their kids. So a lot of these kids get shuttled from place to place, and if they're not able to find a place for them than many of the kids end up in foster care, other states are looking at incarcerating parents closer to their children and expanding visitation. So kids can. See mom or dad more often the effect on kids from having a parent in prison can be severe. They're more likely to commit crimes themselves later in life. But Dietsch says building a strong parent child bond is critical to preventing that at the same time. It's really critical for the parent not to lose touch with their child and to stay involved in to feel like they can make a difference in the child's life to be aware of what's happening to them as the chairman of the Texas house corrections committee, Republican Representative James white. Here's from a lot of women who've been in prison, and he introduced a Bill to address a number of issues they face including pregnancy and childbirth behind bars each one that I talked to ask them about their offense white says the crimes that women commit are often different from their male. Peers I hear a lot of offenses linked to domestic violence. So they may stab. Their spouse that's abusing them in their kids. Young women that have experienced repeat it sexual abuse. From a family member women that have fallen into the trap of addiction. Researchers say a history of trauma underlies a lot of the criminal behavior. That lands women in jails and prisons, that's why Kristen Kerr says if lawmakers want to help moms in prison rehabilitation has to include counseling and drug treatment women, they love kids. They just maybe stuck in addiction in this just to seek nece. But it only mean they don't want the children. You know what I'm saying? So maybe they can come up with some help with it Kristen has been working through a list of goals. She set for herself to rebuild her life after prison. She's got a job got her driver's license, and she's spending lots of.

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