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The first part of the years the young guys going up against old guard and see who can do what i won't be i would get some good advice of the young guys you better be careful watch rear view mirror because that's tax it's gotta be buddy knows it up to close the rear reread my advice here bagel hire you bear go low and gets a separation there 'cause you know what's going to happen there's gonna be couple of guys get dusted over there in to the wall or no doubt my mind but now but let the games begin of course maybe the key being dumped a girl that's what they call on europe there and you go look you'll have happened you get dumped in law whatever so yeah you'd have to thank these guys got egos and and you know if the young bucks begin to win and winning consistently early on in us all year about i would think there's a being competitive in guys are enlightening the case today i think there's probably going to be a little jealousy of the young bucks about and and back up what they said in the offseason so we'll see but again the chatters on its begging for great talking so little uh put the talk of the way you get after tomorrow and see what happens i can't wait to be a lot of fun yep yep that sounds good now what about the toyota kinda you know uh was the cream of the crop last year at the end of the season now what's the toyota cars looking like so far or another again they're jayantha dini ham again uh did very well today in a practice session and again uh you as i said this several i was the number wants to house junior was in a forward uh joey the gano forward danny hamilton of toyota and david reagan the ford so you're domestics lace for the practice session today while the top five were either four chevrolet employers hamlin cramming in the toyota was fourth fastest so uh we'll see but there's a lot above the.

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