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Late. From the study pastor Mike heard the crash and came running. The headlights of pickup with a smashed up bumper luminated, a crumpled body next to a broken bike. One wheel was still wildly spinning. The driver of the pickup looked to be unconscious pasture, Mike knelt beside Tori. A Welt was rising cheek. Her sightless eyes were still wide in fear. He dipped a hand into the pool of crimson rapidly spreading across the road pastor, Mike anointed cheeks with our cake symbols and sucked his fingers clean. He liked the salty taste of blood. He cited an incantation as he watched the ghost of Maria fade away. By the time, the thirties arrived pasture, Mike had cleaned his face and reverently covered toys corpse with sheet blinking back tears. He told the policeman that the accident victim had been quiet American tourist who had briefly stopped in at the church. The pickup driver was revived and transported to the hospital. He later explained to the police that the girl had suddenly cut him off. She didn't look before she started to cross the road. Tori's death was quickly declared accidental. The loan thing, the thirties puzzled over was how the accident had decapitated Tori. Her beheading was so precise and the edges of the wound. So clean cut that one medical examiner remarked to another, but it was almost as if her neck had been cut with some sort of medieval padlocks. For hundreds of years clung, stir yoursel provided a home for women seeking to devote themselves to the holy. Was system area. Granada's Sanger von Moscow, a godly woman persecuted by envious rivals or was system Maria devil worship who sought to destroy a community dedicated to God from within. Is poor system Marie as ghost bound to roam the land where closer actress l. once stood neither welcomed by God nor the devil, having rebelled against both is sister, Marie is ghost on able to rest until the truth is known about her. Does she still serve Satan from beyond the grave? Thanks for listening to haunted places. Don't forget to subscribe to haunted places on apple podcasts tune in Google, play soundcloud, Stitcher Spotify for any other podcast directory, if you like what you hear leave five star review or tell us what you think on social media run Facebook and Instagram as at park, cast and Twitter at park cast network. It seems simple, but it really helps our show a new episode comes out every Thursday. We'll see next week, haunted places what's created by max Cutler. It is production of Cutler media and as part of the park cast network, it's produced five max and Ron Cutler sound design by raunch Pirro with production assistance by Paul. Moller. Additional production assistance by Maggie admire and Carly met haunted places as written by Candice Rogers. I'm Greg Poulsen. This episode of haunted places was sponsored by the gateway from Gizmodo. The gateway is not a park hasp podcast, but we do think you'll like it. This new series from Gizmodo follows reporter, Jennings Brown as he investigates and internet, spiritual guru named teal swan and the deaths of some of her followers. The gateway premiers on Wednesday may thirtieth, listen and subscribe. Now, wherever you get your podcasts, if you're intrigued by stories of injustice, you'll love the new series wrong man from the EMMY winning filmmaker of paradise lost. Wrong man follows the stories of three inmates claiming innocence and a team of experts who reopen their cases to find the truth. Watch wrong man, premiering June third at nine pm on stars, get the stars up and start your free trial today.

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