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To. Another dead office he's been doing it all year long. Eighteen NFL seasons with NFL network and about seven on sportscenter referral. That's. On Earlier on the show titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson still to come comedian. Colin Quinn steelers, linebacker Devin Bush. Now. Sir Rich. Is All our number three of our show? We're GONNA. Have a fun time with Colin Quinn. Job Funny Guy Funny Show finds you. Couldn't was That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Now that was that was his sign off right for weekend update weekend update. Who Did he succeed? Denise succeed nor McDonald's like he succeeded. WanNa look. Check. Because North got the got the boot from one of the all time. Greats are one of our all time. Favorite guests, smokey Don Omar. gave him the boot, right? Yeah. Yeah. Well because norm was unrelenting in his OJ. gave him the boot from the news desk. Did Soda Colin Quinn Succeed Him. Yeah, let's say. Kind went very good. He's going to join US Devon Bush. The steelers calling in apparently at any moment. So he's going to join us either now or later in the hour went from Dennis Miller to Kevin. Nealon that's news to me McDonald and now the fake news and then Count Quinn. And then Tina fey Jimmy Fallon followed him. I remember norm hosting the espy's. I think they'd t hosted it in Vegas wants or something like that. I remember that. He did at one time normal one and done I, I remember he hosted the SP's wants and he just wants to place. He made a joke about Charles Woodson. And I don't remember. Oh, I just remember the one the one moment. This look looking up on Youtube okay. I remember the one joke of somebody that that that. was particularly troublesome to ESPN brass was will ferrell doing his. The Harry Harry Carey. Talking about elway's teeth. Right and then they need tell something like Ken griffey junior father was better or something like that. It was particularly. And I remember some ESPN executives were just so upset that the guy from Saturday night live, which is common and torch the place. And he will never. Again right. And, of course, we'll Ferrell's appeared on. ESPN probably nine hundred million times since and I remember that. Some phone calls people are calling, I should take their phone calls. Let me take their phone calls. Archie in Lynchburg Virginia you're here in the rich Eisen show what's up to Archie? Hey Rachel. Call what's going on? Big Founders share will talk I got. One. Thing for Delta Full? Okay. Well talking about Will Ferrell for stepbrothers, boats, and Delta focused. was coming. What'd you say Archie? And second is I think the the head with the Dolphins We don't get any national televised games where are you going to see to tonight? No matter what the score is. I that's that's hot take and I'll tell you right now. Speaking on behalf and I know they would never say this publicly. I have no problem saying on four different methods of communication right now Quad cast cast the thank you for the call Archie. I think NFL network executives would sign for that right now. Hey everybody to is in the game. Tune in NFL network to versus Gardner. Meant you what's more American than that? Come on now? Come on now Washington state versus Alabama. In Florida. Home of the SEC essentially right. Come on. Here we go. Menchu versus to. WHO's not flipping the channel to that if you're not already glowed. Boo Ya. No doubt about it? All. Right meanwhile that kicks off week number three, it's exclusive on NFL network tonight. And then later, on this week, what a week three slate, there are so many dynamite games where there are teams that are hoping to go three and. Then, there are desperate teams hoping to avoid Owen three needing that I win and that. Is exactly what you described the. Houston Texans visiting the Pittsburgh steelers who are to go into this game with big, Ben Look in the way that he's looking and the defense looking the way that it is looking. There's a lot of people talking about the steelers to go to the big bowl and joining us right back here on the rich Eisen. Show right in the middle of that steelers steelers stellar steelers defense said that ten times fast. Devin Bush back here on the show how you doing Devon. Doing I am doing just fine. How you enjoy playing right now, you must enjoy this. I'm so happy Couple of months ago I was out of a job so. I got my job at what do you mean? What are you talking about? You know what I'm talking about. Just the fact that there would be no season is that what you mean? We were all house for two months right now. Here you are playing football. Buzzing around. Yeah. I'm back back to myself from the tobacco normal. What's your in this defense? Tell me how you're you're you're right in the middle of it all devon what's going on. Basically what you just said I mean I'm I'm right in the middle of you can. You can say, I'm the I'm the hubba communication I'll have to communicate with ten other guys about you know what we plan and what to expect, and you know we all got to be on the same page. So you know as a big part of my job just making sure everybody's on the same page and you know we play a defense together. So you've got the helmet with the place coming in your head. Sir You do. And so you so walk me through how you communicate before snap. What do you got for me Devon? Through it so basically. I stars. You know we we get a person mean and we depend depends on who is on the field which players the office putting on the field we go from there D'Amico throughout play call in we take a play I-. Equity play from coming from the sideline other echoes the play you know if you have any checks anything, we we see her. Anything that you WANNA get done you know I am one of the first people to say that or make a check in Niagara. Other guys. You know help me out with checks and making sure we all on the same page. So in a way, would it be appropriate to say quarterback defense would appropriate say that? Yeah, you can if you want to know just just. Trying to figure it out because. You're now. Because you. Mean you don't just put better that that responsibility on on. Shoulders you gotta you gotTa put it in the Helmet of somebody who understands the defense who's got a specific set of skills..

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