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A year and that bumps us right up against The mid term elections, and that opens the lens to the prospect of politicizing the investigation and also weaponizing the use of subpoenas. The House also nearly approved a $1.9 billion Plan to further secure the capital. On Thursday, a rift between police and lawmakers in Montgomery County, Maryland, officers say their rights were violated because they didn't have a say in the county's new use of force policy. Now they're suing. I know my members are for sure scared of what this bill is done and how they're going to be looked at when using force Leigh Holland with the Fraternal Order of Police, Large 35, which represents Montgomery County police officers. Says That wouldn't be the case if they were invited by lawmakers to participate in crafting the new use of force policy, as is required, and their collective bargaining agreement that is infringing on our rights labor rates, which are human rights, PFLP filed suit against the county for violating its charter, citing officer health and work conditions at the heart of the issue. Gunnery County police is it cannot comment on pending litigation. Meghan Cloherty w T o p News. Meantime, Montgomery County Council member Will Joe Wanda says he's proud of the new use of force policy. It's disappointing that in the moment we're in here on the heels of the one year anniversary of George Floyd's murder, this is where we're at with the police union. Attacking them. All That is really fundamental, a fundamental part of reimagining, public safety and police. He says. The bill establishes basic rules that will stop police from shooting at moving vehicles and hitting handcuff people. It's for 14 sports ahead in business. It's never just another day. Every day is.

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