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To tenet Irwindale Avenue that's where three cars collided there over to the right shoulder but you are seeing brake lights coming away from the fifty seven can be sunny and windy today highs in the seventies to low eighties maybe even warmer tomorrow right now in downtown LA it's fifty six degrees fifty three invent eyes fifty one in Santa Ana forty eight in galena support for NPR comes from the Alfred P. Sloan foundation committed to bridging science and the arts to develop a common language so that they can better understand and speak to one another more information is at Sloan Donald work and from the Andrew W. Mellon foundation guided by the belief that the arts and humanities are essential to the well being of diverse and democratic societies learn more at Mellon dot org it's five forty six it's morning edition from NPR news I'm Noel king and David Greene some developers who build high rises that have both market rate and affordable housing units are trying to exclude the low income renters from luxury amenities a high rise in downtown San Diego has ignited a debate over whether this is legal from member station KPBS Claire tragus or has more when she thinks back on some of the places she's lived Jackie Hernandez cringes the roof started to cave in in the bathroom I started to notice there's a bubble now she uses section eight housing vouchers to pay for a nicer place she can use any part of the building she wants just like her neighbors who pay full price here's our pool we can all use the pool no diving of course.

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