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We've enjoyed for four hundred years. Is that going to go on or is that over. That's really what this is about. That's what we're going to explore the conference tomorrow. We'll week get to continue this biblical form of government governance or will we now be ruled by a small little group of elites who decide what laws will live under and what our lives will look like and what we have to do. That's not america but that's really what our choice will be elites making the decision about our laws. And what we're going to do or us making the decision about what we're going to do. And i think there sufficient so that we can question was the outcome of that election reflective of what the people's will was in this last election. That's what will be key tomorrow in this conference while it's astonishing to me that biden is extensively the president and that you have an entire nation unsure whether that's legitimate. That alone is unacceptable and that was the idea that we could have such doubt. And that you're told to shut up when you express the doubt. We ought not to shut up as i said. In fact i argue. We have an obligation to speak and speak and speak. We have no reason to allow anyone to silence us but we in america needs to be reminded. I think because we've had so much freedom for so long. We're not sure how it works. Well that's part of. What i i hope happens at. The conference tomorrow is that we give people some sense that they have an obligation to speak I know that Right now the democrats are trying to ram through the hr one Ah bill and the equality at can you say a little bit about the. Yeah well. I think the reason why. There's so many distractions in the country. Right now is because that's exactly what they've been doing since the second they certified joe biden in as president of the united states. Everyone is seen it. They've been forcing one radical program after another the most radical program is their number one piece of legislation of choice. And it's this. It is to ensure that they institutionalise all the Fraudulent tactics that were used in this last election is imperative we have this conference tomorrow so we can finally lay out all of these fraudulent practices. That were were put in place. That's exactly what the democrats want to put in power. What did they want to do that. Well right now. They're the one power party. They run the house. They run the senate. They run the white house. They want to keep it that way. And in order to keep it that way. They wanna put bizarre election practices that are against the constitution of the united states. They wanna put that in place because they want outcome based elections. They want to predetermine who will be in power. And then these few elites will decide the laws that we live under what the what our nation looks like. We'll be working for them. They won't be working for us anymore. Make sure that that's clear we'll be working for them. So they're going to do is federalize all the elections so the states are on a mad dash right now to clean up all the messes of this last election but in this legislation. Believe it or not. Eric they appoint someone in the civil rights division of the department of justice to sue any state who tries to put election integrity in place..

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